Lessons for Indie Artist Hip Hop Entrepreneurs


A lot of the popular rappers in the game today like Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and Nipsey Hussle are making us understand that they are a lot more than just bars and hooks.
Hip Hop has done a lot to the new outlook of our culture and from the NWA to 2Pac and Jay-Z, we have seen hip hop artists who are pushing the frontiers and reinventing the culture. What is most intriguing is that these guys aren’t sticking to only music all the time but they are now venturing into businesses and start ups and the outcome is artists now fully invested in industries such as fashion, sports, technology etc. Artists on the scale of Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, and Diddy have now entered into collaborations with major companies. Jay Z once released an album called the Magna Carta album in collaboration with Samsung. Diddy is in joint ventures with Cîroc and Dr.Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s headset company have struck a major deal with Apple. There are lessons you can take away from hip hop and its engagement of the business world. Here are a few lessons that you might want to learn.

1. Root for yourself and keep pushing (Nipsey Hussle)
Nispey Hussle is a popular rap artists and you can easily be fooled by his laid back demeanor but he is a man of many layers. Not only is he making records that are topping charts, he is also engaged in a lot of businesses that have been profitable. He is a man with a vision and this has translated in excellent business moves. He has multiple business partnerships such as that of his clothing company, The Marathon Clothing which is based in Henshaw, his record label, all money in and he has also delved into the world of cryptocurrency. One popular move he made early in his career that sticks out as someone who bets on himself was selling his mixtape at $100 a copy and this news went viral and also caught the attention of music mogul Jay-Z who went on to get 100 copies for $10,000. Hussle was able to create a buzz around himself and his product and he bet on himself to succeed.

2. Build your own brand by working with people (Jay-Z)
Jay-Z was brought up in the projects of Brooklyn and this was the time when crack cocaine flooded the streets and crime was at a zenith. If you watched Jay-Z growing up, you could never imagine him in the success that he has created for himself now. He is now a household name but it wasn’t always rosy for him. In the late 80s and early 90s he worked with a lot of people to feature as a guest rapper on their albums. When he went out looking for a record deal and he couldn’t land one, he ended up creating his own label and selling his records out of his car trunk. He used to sleep on studio floors and open for other artists and the relationships he built then on his way up are critical to the success that he has now. He used those relationships as a medium to build a name for himself and he would always try to make his mark and establish his brand when opening for other artists. He worked tirelessly with other artists within and outside of his genre.

There are countless other stories of hip hop entrepreneurs who have paved the way for a new entrepreneurial mindset among musicians and this is a great thing for the world of music.