Is Adele coming back?

    Music Industry Weekly - Adele
    Music Industry Weekly - Adele

    Everyone knows Adele – a beautiful woman with one of the strongest voices in the industry and classic melancholic songs accompanied by piano. She wowed the audience the moment she stepped in the industry with her first single “Hometown Glory” for her debut album “19” in 2008. Since then, every release by Adele has been a global success. 

    After the debut album “19”, three years later, “21” came out (enough to mention its single “Rolling in the Deep”), blowing up the whole world, just like the last release “25” in 2015. Adele is always on point and gets right into the hearts of millions of people. 

    It’s been six years and fans are waiting for new music. The rumours in the beginning of 2021 were saying that Adele will appear this year with her new album but her team constantly reschedules the release and no one can tell the exact day when she will make her comeback. However, now it feels like she is coming. 

    Last Friday, people started noticing miraculous installations all around the world in the most important parts of the cities with the number “30”. Logically, fans consider that it is related to Adele’s upcoming album which is going to be called “30”, because of the previous albums named in the same way – the age the albums were in production. Moreover, the theory about such a major rollout and it’s connection to Adele appears due to the changed banners and profile photos across all Adele’s social media.

    Rumors are spreading as well as excitement, saying that the lead single from the fourth album of the singer can be expected on October, 8. Let’s see what happens next!