Jared Leto got tear gassed in Italy

Jared Leto - Music Industry Weekly
Jared Leto - Music Industry Weekly

Actor and frontman of the band 30 Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto, was tear gassed in Italy. According to his Instagram Stories, the singer came out on the streets of Rome and saw a lot of people outside – as he understood later, Rome citizens were protesting against the vaccine passports. Jared decided to record a couple of videos and then got caught in the middle of the conflict between the citizens and police, resulting in him getting tear gassed. As the Oscar-winning actor said, “Got tear gassed and called it a night”. 

Currently, fans can expect to see Leto in the soon to come out movie “House of Gucci”, starring Lady Gaga as well. Moreover, 30 Seconds to Mars is coming back with its first in a long time single “Wouldn’t Change A Thing” collaborating with Illenium. 

Clearly, Jared Leto keeps himself busy and we are about to see the harvest of his hard work, which also reminds of such movies in the making with the star as Morbius and Andy Warhol.