Charli XCX shared thoughts about her next album

Charli XCX - Music Industry Weekly
Charli XCX - Music Industry Weekly

Charli XCX released her new single “Good Ones” a couple of weeks ago and left everyone to question how the next album is going to sound like and what to expect since the single sounds like an absolute pop-dance hit. 

Attending one of the latest episodes of The Chart Show on Apple Music 1, the singer talked about her upcoming album and said that it is deeply sensual, sexual and even has some sort of “demonic” aspects. Referring to the single “Good Ones”, she mentioned, “It definitely sets the palette for the rest of the album. It is heavily ’80s inspired. There are a lot of uptempo tracks. It’s dark, it’s kind of sexy and sexual and sort of demonic at points, I suppose. But then there are lighter moments too…”. Charli XCX explained, “I think the whole record is about my relationship with relationships and sex and power, but the song itself, I suppose, it’s about falling for a toxic person, being always ready to put myself in the most dangerous positions, just to feel something which I guess it’s kind of the whole record, but I feel like we’ve all been there at points in life.”

As everyone got the idea of what the album is going to be about, the singer also pointed out what she wants her fans to feel, listening to it, “The fans can expect an overload of sexiness. I want it to all feel sexy. Like the music, the sounds, the tour, the videos, the clothes, the way they feel. So that’s kind of my hope really that everyone just discovers they’re in a sexy demon and it all comes out.”

The title of the album and the date or the release is yet to be expected, but as Charli XCX confirmed on her twitter, it will not come out earlier than in 2022. As of now, fans should get ready for the overload with sexiness and dances all night long!