Juanita Stein Delivers a Brilliant Performance at NYC Show


    Juanita Stein first caught the attention of many in 2006 when she appeared in the band Howling Bells in a performance of the single “Setting Sun” at the London club Koko. This performance was broadcast as part of the live music program London Live. The Howling Bells self-titled project is quite sensational and you can easily get engrossed in the sound. Specifically, the single “Broken Bones” is an outstanding single. Howling Bells are actually of Australian origins and are based in England. They initially started in Australia with the name Waikiki. They went a different direction at the time and with excellent releases like “New Technology” and “Complicated” added to the 2002 album titled I’m Already Home.

    Last year, Stein, a resident of Brighton who is originally from, Sydney also put out her solo project which is an outstanding collection of 11 tracks. This album was titled America. This year she dropped another great album made up of 10 tracks titles Until The Lights Fade. She is currently engaged in a series of shows in the United States to promote her album and the following tour brought her and her brand to the forefront. She had her first ever solo performance with her show in Pianos on Ludlow Street in New York.

    Stein’s brother, Joel Stein who is a bandmate of the Howling Bells and Waikiki is the lead guitarist in his sister’s band on her tour and he kicked off the event with an outstanding 20 minute solo set. Performing under the band name Glassmaps with Joel Stein accompanying Him on the electric guitar. They performed singles from the brilliant Strangely Addicted album.

    Stein took center stage for her headline show at 9 pm prompt. She and her incredible band made up of her and her brother Joel on the guitar, Tim McNally on bass, Alex Pitt on the drum, opened the set with “All The Way” from the latest album. It is a soft song that shines the light on Stein’s beautiful vocals and it was dedicated to Stein’s grandmother who fled from war ravaged Eastern Europe in search of a better life in Australia.

    Stein and her band concluded their run of shows in the United States with concerts in San Diego on Wednesday November 7th and the next day in Los Angeles. They then went back across the Atlantic for two concerts in The Netherlands, one in Paris, nine others in the UK including places like Brighton. You can get more information on Stein’s live shows and details of ticket and RSVP on the website https://www.juanitastein.com/live/

    Stein’s project Until The Lights Fade is going to be reviewed at the end of 2018 but it goes on sale in the USA on Tuesday November 6th at Barnes & Noble, Books A Million and other select stores.