List of Websites you have to know as an Indy artist


This is the age of the Indy artist doing it all on his own without the backing of major labels and a team of people pushing your agenda. As an Indy artist, you have to do everything yourself and fortunately, with Google, you have at your fingertips a host of incredible resources and websites that can help you out in your journey. Whatever your needs may be, be it distribution, presence or marketing, the internet is here to serve you. Here is a list of websites that will definitely be useful for you in your independent journey:

Distribution Websites:

These are websites where you can distribute your content. You don’t need the backing of a major label to get your music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music or Tidal. You can do this on your won. The websites below will assist you in doing this and ensure you get your income for your hard work, each website has its own terms and conditions so be sure to read them carefully.


CD Baby





BitTorrent Now


Mixtape Distribution



Mixtape Monkey

Streaming and Analytics: If you want to have detailed information on the demographic that is listening to your music and engaging with your content, you need these websites to help you out:


Spotify for Artists

Apple Music for Artists

Shazam for Artists

SoundCloud Pro

Pandora AMP

Rights, Licensing and Royalties

When you have your music out there and you have it copyrighted, every single time it gets played, you as the artist should get paid for it regardless of where that is. It could be at a bar or at a major service such as Spotify. Music distributors like CD Baby, TuneCore and DistroKid a large chunk of the money for you but you can still get more out there. These websites below will help you get yours:






Submit your music to blogs

You can also send your music to blogs or make use of services that link you to journalists and DJs. A lot of these services will also give you feedback on your music:






Create your own website

You need a website in your journey and it is a crucial tool to have in this digital age. This is a place where you upload all of your music, sell merchandise and give fans an insight into your personality and your brand. Websites are easy to leverage as soon as you have the funds to make it happen:




Performance Opportunities

You can also get bookings for shows and festivals with certain services online. You don’t have to go through booking managers and all their hassles. SonicBids is one excellent example of a site where you can get this done.