K.Flay Drops New Single “Not in California” – Listen

K.Flay - Music Industry Weekly
K.Flay - Music Industry Weekly

K.Flay came out with a new single called “Not in California” from her upcoming album Solutions which drops July 12.

In the new single, K.Flay wasn’t afraid to touch on difficult-to-discuss topics, even topics that are controversial in this day in age such as politics, abortion, entertainment, substances, etc.

The song starts out with a voice saying, “We have not allowed ourselves to comprehend what failure might mean for us/Is it a comfort or a curse, the knowledge that we could have avoided all this?”

She continues to sing in the verses of the song, “The birds all died and the trees caught fire And the government, it called us crazy/We built a big world then we watched it all burn ‘Cause the television made us lazy/The babies all cry as the scientists try/But the politicians keep on screaming/I’d like a roadmap, like to turn the clock back/But the internet, it keeps on freezing.”

K.Flay said that she was inspired to write the song when she visited Stinson Beach, California. She said the place felt like magic, because it seemed to be undefiled by the problems of today’s world. She said, “Sometimes you get glimpses of planet Earth and it astounds you. So big and wild and beautiful. It’s easy to forget that we’re all connected. The trip I took served as a wake up call to the way things could and should be…”

Listen to K.Flay’s new single “Not in California” below: