Kedanieh ‘K’Danye’ Myers and Her Music are Ready to Go World-Wide

Music Industry Weekly - K’Danye
Music Industry Weekly - K’Danye

Sometimes it takes a while to find the career path that we’re truly meant to take. The story of Kedanieh Myers, also known as K’Danye, is one of someone who broke through her shell when she found out she was destined to make waves in the music industry.

K’Danye was born on October 6, 1994, in the beautiful country of Jamaica, and comes from a Jamaican heritage. She started writing songs in high school at a time when she was influenced by music in the likes of Dancehall, Reggae, and most of all, Hip hop and R&B. Shaped by all of these musical styles, she continued to grow and pursued a path in Jamaican music as a rapper-singer powerhouse.

K’Danye describes her younger self as shy and never liked performing in front of an audience. But she realized that for her music to be heard, she needs to record and put them out into the world herself. She was then convinced to live with a completely different mindset and change into a confident, open-minded person who believes in her own ability.

With the help of a college friend, she was able to record some songs she wrote herself, and that first experience inspired her to make more music. “From then on, it was love at first record,” as she put it. In her 3rd year in college, she bought her own equipment and started to record in her little closet.

But K’Danye had a stroke of good luck when she met a producer while trying to get an internship. It was an opportunity to release her first EP titled ‘Ms. International.’ “Although K’Danye and the producer collaborated on that project, she knew that for her future songs, she would have to start saving and investing in herself. She burned CDs for her EP as well, as one of her singles, ‘Mr. Poverty’ in order to save for mixing and mastering. 

K’Danye has been making music and performing since 2014 at places such as Kat’s Café, Red Light Café, Apache Cafe, The Caribbean Student Association (Caribsa) events as well as at other colleges. But she considers 2018 as the year she started to get more significant projects and accomplishments, because she performed at her first stage show called the ‘GT Taylor Extravaganza’.

Now, K’Danye is currently working on Roots Reggae and Lover’s Rock Music, not only because she loves the genres, but as a tribute to the cultures that influence and inspire her. She prefers not to limit herself in one type of musical style. Aside from ‘Ms. International,’ she also has singles titled, ‘Brave Up,’ ‘Mr. Poverty’, ‘Ready or Not’ and ‘Rocky No More.’ All of her songs express her individuality and what music influences her. She hopes that the world will soon recognize her sound and flow: unique, clear, and energetic.

K’Danye plans to help many people, including her family, when she achieves her ultimate dream of becoming a major recording artist. It is her sworn personal mission to help people in need when she reaches the level of success that she desires. It’s not going to be a surprise if soon K’Danye will be a household name because of her hard work, a positive and open-minded attitude, firm integrity, and unwavering commitment to her craft.

To get in contact with K’Danye and find out more about her music, visit her website, or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.