Taking Independently-produced Music to the Mainstream with Jon Giurleo


Jon Giurleo’s song ‘Vinny Chase’ (featuring Dyl) is an independent release from successful, independent musical artists. Dyl, his collab, is best known for his hit single, Jordan Belfort, and as a chart-topper on College Billboard and Billboard. Dyl brings the song to life with his unique ability to deliver a fast rap, both smoothly and lyrically. “Vinny Chase’ is streaming on all platforms on June 12th of this year. This single may be Jon Giurleo’s freshes attempt to venture outside of his comfort zone as “Vinny Chase” lands squarely in the hip-hop realm.

He has since evolved into a contemporary pop and electronic music producer and DJ. Giurleo is an independent musical artist but has signed some singles to popular EDM labels. At 22 years old, this Boston-bred talent has already been making music for nearly seven years. Giurleo has earned a loyal fan base primarily through platforms like Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube. He is coming off of an especially big year in 2019 with the release of his electronic pop dance singles: ‘Right Here’ and ‘Someone Like You’.

Giurleo has a mindset that no two projects are the same. Every production is entirely different and is crafted to work with the artist it is produced for — this is the difference between beat makers and producers. Giurleo is a producer because he carefully crafts his productions to fit perfectly for that project in particular and works harmoniously with whatever artist the young producer is working with. He wants to partner with independent entrepreneurs in the music industry. Giurleo believes that artists and producers can successfully create, distribute, and earn royalty income/ publishing from their work, especially in this modern-day music industry landscape.

This need to make do freely is a need, especially for performers who base their source of income. With the COVID-19 pandemic, artists and small businesses in the industry are uncertain as to how they can bounce back from the enormous economic loss. For up and coming DJs such as Giurleo, the closures of night clubs and bars puts a dent in the number of opportunities for exposure to the local music scene. Anxiety remains a huge question mark looms for this part of commerce for the near future. How state governments plan to bring communities back to a sense of normalcy will impact the music industry significantly. Thus, there is a greater need to survive by looking at alternatives but already tried ways to produce music and make funding.

Jon Giurleo started making songs in his home in Massachusetts at the young age of 15 years old. He would listen to sample old vinyl records from his parents to make hip-hop beats. He shares that the hits weren’t very good at the time, but that’s where he fell in love with music. Giurleo explains that this appreciation led him to start learning his technique. Since then, he has been able to evolve his sound into an electronic/contemporary pop sound. To date, he remains thankful for those that have encouraged him to follow his dreams, namely family, close friends, and colleagues.”

Watch out for Jon Giurleo’s next release “Vinny Chase” (ft. Dyl) on June 12th through this link:


See more of his produced tunes through his website: www.jongiurleo.com.