Leikyn Bravo on Debuting as a Solo Artist and Rising Above Adversities


Throughout the years, the music realm has proven to be the home of many talented artists and other individuals who are outstanding in their respective fields. More importantly, the industry also serves as a source of powerful stories and insightful messages that touch the lives of people from across the globe. As a matter of fact, Leikyn Bravo, an up-and-coming singer and songwriter, is regarded not only for her musical flair but also for her inspiring disposition. 

As someone who has always been passionate about her craft, Leikyn Bravo sure knows how to tug at the heartstrings of her listeners and fans. Although she is now at the helm of a blossoming career, her previous experiences were not immune to difficulties and challenges. For this reason, she aims to encourage dreamers to be relentless with their pursuits and rise above any adversities they might encounter. 

Leikyn Bravo is a skillful singer, versatile songwriter, an experienced actress, and an all-around musician. She graduated from the renowned Berklee College of Music with a bachelor’s degree in songwriting.

This multifaceted individual is debuting as a solo artist for the first time during a worldwide pandemic. Her debut just goes to show that nothing can get in the way of someone who is dauntless in the face of hardships and committed to their hopes and dreams. 

Leikyn Bravo’s passion for world culture and travel has allowed her to share live music in forty-five countries across six continents. In the past, she fronted and toured with the EDM band Sounds Limitless, danced the samba, and drummed with the Brazilian batucada Grooversity. She has even taken on a Broadway Chicago stage. On top of that, the artist has been featured in articles and radio shows for the Chicago Tribune, Fox, NY Weekly, LA Wire, and more.

Determined to make a name for herself, Leikyn Bravo has had her original songs aired over several radio stations and have been placed in an official IMDb movie. She has spent countless years reimaging her sound, filming music videos, and putting together a top-tier team willing to help her make her ideas come to life. With her debut this 2021, all her diligent efforts are finally paying off.

On a mission to spark joy and inspire action, Leikyn Bravo uses her music to send across the message that anything is possible as long as one refuses to give up. According to her, success can mean a multitude of things to different people. “It’s so easy to compare yourself to others. However, everyone finds success at their own pace,” the artist said. “One can find genuine fulfillment by filtering out the noise and staying true the very reason they became passionate in the first place,” she added. 

In an interview, Leikyn Bravo talked about her album, “Songs You’ll Never Hear,” and shared a glimpse of her journey in overcoming obstacles within the music industry. As someone who is intimately familiar with trials and tribulations, she knows how painful it can be to endure failures and rejections. 

Despite all the hurtful comments and feedback she received in the previous years, Leikyn Bravo never backed down. Instead, she challenged herself to go farther with her music than she could have ever imagined. Like a phoenix, she rose from the ashes and came out stronger than ever. “Only you can define your success, and only you can create it,” the artist said. 

Leikyn Bravo’s upcoming album has songs revolving around young love, heartbreak, life, and other themes that resonate with listeners worldwide. Aside from being organic, this album will also speak volumes about who the artist is as a person. 

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