Robert and Jessica Dalby Successfully Establish a Thriving Media Brand Founded on Strong Values


If there are two thriving people in the media and entertainment industries today who can testify that awards, connections, and money do not define a person’s success, they would be Robert and Jessica Dalby. The husband-and-wife tandem has proven that becoming successful entrepreneurs did not entail depending on other peoples’ popularity or influence, their success was brought about by their core values as a company: professionalism, transparency, and integrity. 

The founders of Diggie the Progression of Hip-Hop LLC decided to establish the company after completing their military service and decided to become ordinary civilians. Robert’s deep passion for music and unwavering love for the hip-hop culture inspired them to develop a unique brand that will redefine many aspects of the music and entertainment industries. He did not let his age define his future path outside of the military. Instead, he explored possibilities and took a leap of faith together with his wife to live out a long-time dream—to start a video-audio podcast that will pay homage to artists that has made an overwhelming impact on hip-hop.

“There is no cap or age limit in your lifetime that says you can never begin something. It is all about you beginning, pushing forward, despite all obstacles to achieve the success you desire. This is what defines you, not your age,” the founders explained.

Robert started his humble podcast with a simple idea, outline, and the basic tools that would enable him to broadcast his voice and vision for the thriving hip-hop culture. While the process was not always easy, Robert is nothing but thankful to his wife and their military friends for their unmatched support. Having had the chance to invite William Boyd, the leading hip-hop historian in the industry today, contributed greatly to boosting his podcast content. Frank Ketcham III also made several guest appearances during his first season. 

K. Samone from Hot 107.9 Atlanta was also one of the personalities that Diggie the Progression of Hip-Hop welcomed in one of its podcasts. Robert has also interviewed Tyler Keast from Lucid Paradox, who is now on tour with DJ Whookid. Additionally, he has been privileged to have 36-in-Brimstone on the podcast and enjoyed their thought-provoking discussion on hip-hop artists. Other guests on the podcast include Flesh-n-Bone from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Official Zieme, and Grammy-nominated artist, songwriter, and producer James Worthy. 

Sticking to their moral compass eventually paid off as Robert and Jessica were able to build a promising brand that catered to what hip-hop and music fans wanted to hear. The two eventually diversified to create the Diggie Clothing Brand with Christian Maldonado as brand ambassador. 

Sharing their entrepreneurial journey to the world is their way of inspiring other people that it takes a lot of hard work, professionalism, transparency, and integrity to build a brand that consumers can trust and love. In less than a year from the time they established Diggie the Progression of Hip-Hop, they were able to accomplish phenomenal feats uncommon to businesses like theirs. It only goes to show that Robert and Jessica have discovered a formula that works.

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