Lil Sporty D Is Making Waves as the Hottest New Artist in the Music Industry

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Society expected nothing of him, but he proved that where you came from does not decide where you will end up in the future. Lil Sporty D is a musician and CEO of an uprising record label and is making waves as the hottest new player in the music industry. 

Lil Sporty D, born Damien Harris, is no stranger to the unfairness of the world. Growing up in a rough neighborhood on the outskirts of New Orleans meant that he was not afforded the same opportunities as his peers from suburban communities. Living in a family of 14 children supported by a single mother meant no assurance of the next meal. Having a mother struggling to put food on her children’s plates meant that the state would eventually find them and place the children in foster care.

June 2020 saw the release of his first track in collaboration with major artists: Certified features Magnolia Chop and Jay Jones, artists signed with Young Money Entertainment and Universal Records. The second track was released two months later. Like Whoa features Lil Noodle, a Sony Music Entertainment talent. The newest upcoming single is slated to be released in November 2020. Titled Juvenile, the track features other well-known musicians Kidd Kidd, Young Juve, and Abd Keith.

The success that Lil Sporty D enjoys is only by his own merit. Multiple record labels refused him the opportunity to prove his worth and skill in music. This reason is part of the motivation to create his brand: Mentality Music Entertainment. 

Through Mentality Music Entertainment, the musician gives emerging new artists the opportunity he had no privilege of. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, the record label guides emerging new artists through recording, engineering, producing, distributing, and publishing their tracks. Also, the label gives the knowledge they need to build their brands, and in the process, creates the next generation of producers, engineers, and musicians.

Aside from his impressive music career, Lil Sporty D has admirable advocacy as well. Eventually, he plans to create new businesses and programs that will teach children essential adulting skills, including financial management and business investment, which he feels lacks in the current education system.

Lil Sporty D’s career in music had been a long time in the making. It was at 12 years old that he first set his foot in music-making, inspired by New Orleans rap superstar Super P. Sitting in a room with his brothers and friends, recording music onto a cassette, it was as if something clicked into place. He felt the melodies resonate in his heart and soul and knew in an instant that it is something that he would love doing for the rest of his life.

With his virtue, advocacy, and unique music-sense, it is no surprise how big an impact he is making in the entertainment industry and in the lives of the people he meets. Learn more about Lil Sporty D and watch out for the announcement of the release of his newest track, Juvenile, on Instagram.