Marshmello Performs in First In-Game, Fortnite Concert


Marshmello released a groundbreaking in-game concert, inside Epic Games’  Fortnite , Sunday (Feb. 2).

His virtual  set — which was the first of its type in Fortnite and incorporated performances of “Alone,” “Gassed Up,” “Check This Out,” “Colors,” “Flashbacks,” “Everyday,” “Fly” and “Happier” — happened in the game’s Pleasant Park Saturday mid-day.

“We produced history today! ” Marshmello, who’s a known Fortnite fan,   wrote on Tweets ,  where “call him by his name” was trending during the display.  “The first ever reside virtual concert inside of @fortnite with millions of people in presence. So insane, thank you legendary games and everyone who seem to made this possible!”

“So lots of people mad at me because I couldn’t take them on stage in the game,” he joked.

Fortnite offered players Marshmello-themed skins and emotes, in addition to a special “Marshy Smasher” pickaxe, along with the unique event.

An encore functionality will take place at 2 the. m. ET in Fortnite is actually Pleasant Park, or you can watch the concert below.