Dua Lipa Has Had It With Negativity Flooding Social Media: ‘Too Much Hate in One Place’


Dua Lipa’s dishing a dosage of reality this weekend break on social media, where the girl called out people’s negative thoughts and encouraged her fans to instead “say/do something nice.” Though the girl didn’t mention what influenced the string of twitter posts, the singer reminded enthusiasts that she’s “just such as you” and not immune in order to being hurt by the terms of others.

“Takes 10 seconds on the timeline to find out people comparing women and their particular wrinkles, ” she had written Sunday (Feb. 3). “I hope everyone participating in this toxic ass conduct stays fat af for a very long time bc reality gonna attack you in the arse.”

She continuing: “Too much hate in a single place. We love to preach regarding feminism and sisterhood however it seems like its all for that clout. Take some time to say/do something nice. Maybe really make a difference in someones life for your better. ”

“I just wanna ensure that you guys know that none of this particular online craziness means something, never let anyones ridiculous opinions define how you feel regarding yourself, ”

“small doses to protect my center because i’ m exactly like you… i feel it all, ” the girl said.

Notice her tweets below.