Massiahg Dishes Out His Own Brand of Rap Straight Out of New York’s Underground Rap Scene

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The music industry has seen its fair share of phenomenal American rappers. These legendary musical talents have hailed from different parts of the nation. Most notably, Queens, New York, has seen a lot of rap talent over the years. Nowadays, the rising star known as Massiahg is taking the New York underground rap scene by storm.

The rising star is looking to make his indelible mark in the music industry. Along with his hit song “Phuckyou,” produced by collaborator LUK, he is garnering a lot of attention from audiences worldwide. The song has been streamed over 100,000 times across all major music platforms, and it has managed to get a lot of traction from its music video, which sees an increasing amount of views every day.

The track “Phuckyou” delivers its catchy hook along with tricked out beats that could be replayed endlessly. Along with the hard-hitting lyrics and the message of the song, Massiahg has clearly written a winner. The track is as captivating as its title implies. It’s a feast for the auditory senses that can only be described by the man himself. He dubs his style as “grunge rap,” as he talks about police brutality and all the challenges he has faced in life.

When he’s not out there making music, Massiahg is bringing awareness to important political and social changes through his activism. He is an artist through and through, and he has taken it upon himself to heal the masses through the music that he makes. His music aims to give his audiences a means of escape when life gets a little too heavy, and the emotions become unbearable.

Massiahg is extremely versatile when it comes to his craft. He doesn’t just stick to one particular style; his music is diverse and caters to many individuals who gravitate toward a variety of styles. His distinct diversity has allowed him to burst out of the underground scene and into international acclaim.

Recently, he established his own brand called SPOOFGANG 555, which aims to define a humorous imitation of different trials and tribulations of life. The numbers 555 means positivity, confidence, and personal awareness. It symbolizes the fact that no matter what life throws at you, the most important thing is your state of being.

Nobody else has the drive and the ambition that Massiahg possesses. He has overcome so many challenges to get to where he is today. Yet he still constantly faces the challenges and obstacles head-on. He has always enjoyed the process of figuring things out, and with each challenge that he faces, he just takes it as another experience he can learn from.

In the near future, Massiahg hopes to scale SPOOF 555 into a global brand. He aims to establish the next big independent record label that discovers the world’s biggest talents. He hopes that his story will inspire others to take their own risks and empower themselves through positive affirmations. He knows that once our state of being aligns with our love and desires, then anything is within our reach.

To know more about Massiahg, make sure to check out his Spotify. For more live updates, follow him on his Instagram account.