Michael Aalil’s Life Twist Includes Dominating the Music Industry as Ceoz Str8 Cash

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Life is unpredictable. One minute, it is all about rainbows and butterflies, and the next minute, thunderstorms and gloomy skies may appear. Its twists, ups, and downs are always surprising. In Michaell Aalil’s case, life indeed has its mysterious ways. After coming out of prison for an alleged attempted murder case, Michael Aalil turned the whole situation upside-down. He went viral in the music industry, where digital distribution is common and competitions are rampant. Michael’s modern music is dominating the records today, mostly on streaming platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. 

Michael Aalil, or popularly known as Ceoz Str8 Cash, has always viewed and taken music on a serious note after realizing its worth. Back when Ceoz was on the streets, he counted on music to spare him away from any violent acts that he might commit. In a separate interview, Ceoz revealed that it was 2015 when he first discovered an immense interest in music. It was like a hobby that lured him into becoming a full-blown passion. Ceoz started as a drill rapper. At present, he considers himself an all-song artist. 

In 2017, a twist of events changed his perspectives in life. Ceoz got arrested and spent the entire three-year sentence making original music. Some people might think it was a distraction for Ceoz, but the truth is, it was beyond that. Music changed his life. It gave him direction, and it continues to push him closer to his dreams. 

Despite the violence Ceoz has witnessed in his life, music paved the way for him to focus on the brighter things. At present, Ceoz has already found precise alchemy of formulas for the mixtape he is about to launch. Last July 2020, Ceoz dropped his first single, “Hold on Wait,” followed by “Top Opp” and more. An exciting collaboration with artists like Dizzy Juliano and Omb Jaydee is also happening.

The story of Michael Aalil or Ceoz Str8 Cash is something people would love to look up to. It is a story of inspiration and motivation different from the ones people hear from other artists. Having both his feet on the ground, Ceoz has captured the hearts of his listeners. The same trait has also made Ceoz attract other artists for more collaboration of work. People admire Ceoz’ transparency and the manner he handles issues involving him and his life.

As young as 24 years old, Ceoz has experienced life circumstances not every person can handle. These circumstances reignited his passion for music and led Ceoz to where he is right now. Such a twist in life reveals how powerful music is and how a burning desire calls for instant gratification and leads to a change in life’s direction. For Ceoz, his life is getting better each day, and the motivation he gets from his music remains immeasurable. At present, Ceoz enjoys spending sleepless nights over performance rehearsals, and he would not have it any other way around.

To know more about Michael Aalil or Ceoz Str8 Cash, you may check out his YouTube account.