Arianna Marie’s Journey from New Rochelle to Stardom

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For Arianna Marie, music has always been a part of her. For as long as she can remember, she has always been into music, and she grew up singing in her local church. Blessed to be in a community of easily influenced people by the same lifestyle music, Arianna quickly established and cemented her place as one of the community’s rising stars. At just 22, Arianna’s journey from her hometown of New Rochelle, NY, to stardom is just starting.

Arianna’s brother was a music artist, and he showed her the ropes when it came to recording her songs and figuring out her sound. She quickly realized that songwriting was her forte, and the more she wrote the music, the more she noticed what sounds and voices attracted her and were heavily noticeable in her songs. Her musical influences include A-list artists like Etta James, Alicia Keys, H.E.R., and Kehlani. Through their work, she was able to create her type of sound.

Arianna has been hard at work these past few months following her debut single “Ain’t No Way” a few months back. She followed that up by releasing her second single off her upcoming project titled “Like That,” which is accompanied by a music video. According to Arianna, the song “Like That” encourages listeners never to forget their self-worth no matter what their past lovers say of them. In her words, “A lot of the times when you are in love or maybe trust someone enough to tell them your flaws or even opening up, they could potentially take advantage of you whether it was finding your flaws in another woman or using those flaws against you in malicious ways. I used to forget my worth and felt like I had to deal with a lot of crap.” To promote her singles, Arianna released massage oil candles to give her supporters and fans a chance to get the same vibe she received while creating the tracks.

For Arianna, being passionate, driven, motivated, consistent, open-minded, and disciplined will make her successful in many ways. On her motivation, she said, “I always knew I had talent, but I also knew that I needed to perfect my craft as I still am doing until this day.” She has had many naysayers in her life—people telling her that she can’t or shouldn’t go through her musical career. “I was programmed to do disclaimers before I showed someone a track because of everyone else’s opinions. All of those negative opinions fueled my drive to prove that I could be ten times better than what anyone has said about me. So I kept pushing forward,” she says proudly.

On what separates her from her competition, she said, “My consistency. I believe consistency is key when you want something to happen. My motivation and drive go along with that as well. I can’t be consistent without my motivation. If I want to become the star I’ve dreamt of being, I must stay consistent.”

In five years, Arianna sees herself as an established artist within the music industry, selling out shows, having a reliable team around her, and growing her fanbase domestically and internationally. She also has plans to create a mentorship program for younger upcoming artists that need guidance and maybe open up a recording studio of her own. “I know there are certain areas that I’ve struggled with when I first began taking this career seriously, and I needed some guidance, so hopefully I would be able to assist in those areas,” she concludes. 

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