Passion and Dreams: How Tony Mandeville Became a Pop/Rock Music Artist Despite Life Challenges

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Some people go over and beyond in the pursuit of their dreams armed only with unparalleled tenacity and a passion-driven spirit. It is these same individuals that succeed in their journey towards success and eventually create a wave of change across the world. Tony Mandeville, a musical artist based out of Kirkland, Washington is among those who was brave enough to traverse the uphill battle life presented him to see his dream to reality.

Tony Mandeville’s musical journey is not a tale of overnight success but rather a tale of unfaltering passion and dauntless determination. At the young age of eight, his love for music was quite evident as he started writing and putting music together. However, unlike most kids his age, Tony had challenges growing up due to being born with a complex cleft lip and palate. To correct the congenital defects, Tony had numerous surgeries throughout his childhood which affected his speech and he had to relearn how to speak properly again. On top of that, his hearing was also affected by a deviated nasal cavity canal. Despite all the adversities he faced in his early life, Tony’s passion for music remained the same, and he continued to write music with a genuine belief that he would one day perform for the world to hear. 

Now older, Tony Mandeville has reignited his passion over the last couple of years and has been diligently releasing music including some of his earliest pieces written in 2001. A genuine creative when it comes to music, Tony continues to churn out and perform authentic tunes that captivate his audience and set him far apart from the competition as his music sound and style guarantees his listeners a fun and memorable time with upbeat music. 

Although Tony’s music is heavily influenced by music from the 60’s and 80’s pop/rock, and the 90’s R&B/Rap/ Hip-Hop, he considers his writing and music style different from the regular. He makes music for everyone who enjoys good music, especially those who enjoy pop/rock and wants to keep the positive vibes going. He is motivated to build his brand by his parents who are both brilliant writers and set to publish their work soon. When speaking of how his parents’ honest feedback and support spurred him on, he states, “I started Mandeville Records in honor of our family, and I want it to be a household name someday representing  the finest talents in the world.” 

In the future, one of Tony Mandeville’s goals is to become a world-class performer. Another of his goals is to partner with another reputable record label fit for his brand and sound and to help other talented artists live out their dreams and be heard as he signs them to his record label. Putting himself out as a brand, Tony maintains a positive outlook on his career and wants everyone to adopt the salient point, believe in themselves and take a leap of faith to get started on that project or hobby they have been thinking about.

For more information about Tony Mandeville, learn more about him on his website.