Lorde Kale is Fast Becoming an Unstoppable Rising Star

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Rising music artist and dedicated record producer Lorde Kale is as unstoppable as a shooting star as he develops his music career and personal brand as a record label owner. Focused on expressing his artistry and helping aspiring and gifted artists do the same, he is destined to achieve great feats this 2021. Just last December 2020, he released his album titled Gusto Trooper that contained 11 singles that were warmly received by music fans. 

Born Mi’kale Bradley, Lorde Kale is best known for his dedication as a record producer and his work often highlights his deep respect for the talents of other artists. Additionally, he is very keen about protecting the welfare of his talents, making sure that they understand the business side of launching a music career and what it entails to become a huge success. 

“First thing that sets me apart from others is my global versatility. I’m not a rapper, there is no genre to put me in other than the most versatile artist. I have no fear of anyone standing against me. I will forever focus on levelling myself up. I know my self-worth fully so I’m the artist to show people they don’t need to be anything other than the best version of themselves. I’m not a man to ever belittle anyone especially my fans. Lastly, I can never be a hater of another brother winning, that makes me proud, for real,” the artist explains. 

Lorde Kale was motivated to develop his personal brand and recording company so he can work independently and show people that he has a rare musical gift to share. He has had people in the past tell him that he will not make it, but he is consistently working on proving them wrong. At this point, Lorde Kale simply wants to make a difference and inspire others to never give up on their dreams regardless of what other people have to say. 

Armed with a deep sense of anticipation, excitement, and positivity, Lorde Kale sees a very bright future ahead of him as an artist and record producer. He envisions himself and his record label reaching global success and being recognized for signing phenomenal artists, breaking music records, and producing hit songs. In the next few years, he also looks forward to having new ventures aside from H2O Records. He believes that diversifying will allow him to expand his territory further and stretch his creativity at the same time. 

Ultimately, Lorde Kale desires for nothing more but for his life and his hard work to mean something to countless lives who are looking for inspiration. As he strives to make a mark in the music and business industries, he wishes for his efforts to serve as an example to those who are looking into the possibility of starting their own company. For him, there is no greater legacy than effectively impacting the lives of people and giving them hope that they, too, have the innate ability to make their dreams come true. 

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