Micyde Ready to Introduce His Music to the Hip Hop World

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Twenty-one-year-old hip hop artist Brandon Douglas Alexander Jones, aka Micyde, looks to introduce his brand of hip hop music. The musician from a small town called Herndon in Virginia’s quiet Fairfax County is ready to come out from under the proverbial rock and take center stage.

The artist is self-made as a musician and producer just as he is in many other aspects of his life. The masterful creator mixes and masters his work and has been taking time to dive into music production.

Within a short time, he has learned and developed a knack for engineering catchy beats for hip hop and R & B tracks. But as “indie” as he is, the quality of his music is already at par with some of the most advanced recording studios. And his material is, without a shadow of a doubt, worth the time. In less than a year, he has earned over 5,800 monthly streams on Spotify. Brandon has also been branded with a “verified artist” status by the major streaming platform.

Brandon once went by a different rapper name: Jones & Co. He recently changed his stage name to Micyde (pronounced as “my side”) and has been publishing under the name ever since.  Brandon Jones has released a handful of singles and EP tracks, including songs like “ISO,” “No Hook,” “Try To Stop Me!,” and “Hey, Mr. Policeman.” Arguably, one of his most widely listened to songs is “Trippie Red!,” which has played over 2,300 times on the streaming platform SoundCloud and gathered thousands upon thousands of streams on Spotify.

Micyde picks up from more popular inspirations like Juice Wrld, Kendrick, XXX, Chance, and Logic. Yet listening to the artist’s tracks, there’s no hint of any derivative as Brandon has mastered the art of putting his spin into his music, making it unique and outstanding. Brandon Jones opens himself to more opportunities for growth, always looking for points to improve his craft.

Micyde has been creating music for the past five years, but only started putting out music early this year. In a short time, he has built a brand entirely from scratch and is already turning the local and even national hip hop scene upside down with his new brand of hip hop. Developing a robust and original sound, Brandon looks to keep recording earworms worth repeating and use them to take his work to the world.

Though his music has made leaps and bounds, the artist’s journey has not been without tragedy. When starting in music, the hip hop artist lost a dear family member, a cousin close to him, to suicide after years battling with drug abuse. The loss was a heavy load on Brandon’s heart. He soon found himself mixing in with the wrong crowds and losing focus. But he would confide in music, which his cousin always believed would take the hip hop artists to unprecedented heights.

Ever since, Brandon Jones has dedicated himself to the artistic expression, writing non-stop. Today, he hopes to make it big in music. “I believe it’s my time to truly enter the game,” Micyde confidently proclaims. “I plan to show the music industry something they were never prepared for.”

Brandon hopes to go on hip hop tours and perform on big stages soon. He continues to write tracks and feed them to the insatiable desires of today’s hip hop scene, providing both substance and groove in all his work. 

To listen to Micyde’s tracks, check out his Spotify and Instagram account.