Musician Jowy Cenat Helps Other Musicians and Entrepreneurs Increase Their Digital Presence


Jowy Cenat is a self-taught musician whose strategies have proven to be effective and have surely helped him to maintain a strong online presence. He has had several of his videos go viral from his public performances and his recorded piano videos, ranging from his public performances from churches to university performances, or even on social media platforms like YouTube or  Instagram; and now he is helping others replicate his success.

Jowy Cenat’s strength comes from his ability to learn new things on his own and somewhat become an expert authority on those things. He is a known pianist, albeit a self-taught one, and more than a million people on social media have seen him play.

By utilizing some self-learned strategies, he has been able to promote himself, and his videos have gained quite enough visibility for millions of people to see. Owing to his success in promoting himself, he wrote a book titled Video Influencer Authority, which has been received with critical acclaim. From his personal results, Jowy Cenat has built a business, and he wants to help a lot of other people achieve similar results with their brands.

Jowy holds a degree in Holistic and Public Health from Stockholm University and has now branched into the world of digital marketing. He decided to build a brand out of everything that he has learned because he understands what musicians and instrumentalists have to go through to get into their creative element. Even more challenging is the amount of work that goes into promotion. After trying out some ad strategies that worked, Jowy Cenat thinks every creative person should try out his system.

A total of about 1,254,911 people have viewed his videos across various social media platforms. All he wants is for anybody who runs a search of his name on social media to get useful results with enough information about him. Jowy sees himself beyond just a pianist. In his words, “I’m not just a pianist, but a pianist musician with Zouk Haitian focus in my music. I create sounds that ignite a spark of exhilaration in the people that I have reached, which is more than a million people across all platforms.” Jowy Cenat’s style fuses classical piano styles with unique zouk music and contemporary sounds. He has recorded covers to songs like No One by Alicia Keys and French song, Ou Etais Tu.

Jowy Cenat’s ultimate goal is to take his music to an international level. He wants to be recognized globally as a pianist and become an inspirational figure for other upcoming pianists. Besides an advancement in his career, Jowy is passionate about community building. He plans to actively be a part of helping other musicians rise to their peak and hit the limelight. The most important thing to him in all of this is to help other people and their brands come up.

Video Influencer Authority was written to help upcoming musicians and other internet-based brands increase their online presence. “Without an online presence, it may be difficult for any brand to reach its full potentials. With my book, new musicians starting their career can project their talents to the world, and reap the dividends of that promotion.”

Learn more about Jowy Cenat and his published book on his website.