Tyrae Brown Produces Powerful Music with a Mission Through Brownsvillemusic


Tyrae Brown is a man on a mission. He seeks to touch the hearts of both believers and non-believers through his music while keeping the vision and the heart of the artist intact. Oftentimes, he has been described as eclectic and detailed, and much of it is shown in how he handles things at his own company Brownsvillemusic LLC.

Tyrae Brown has shown that he is a capable artist who comfortably teaches others how to approach the keyboard in a way that is unique and easy to follow. He has sold hundreds of copies of his tutorial DVD, which is available on Showmethat.com. He has also had a lot of experience working within his church community. Brown was the former Minister of Worship at the New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland.

As the former Minister of Worship, Tyrae Brown served 10,000 members of the church through music. He also served as the musical director at Mt. Ennon Baptist Church for eight years in Clinton, Maryland. Brown led a consistent band of musicians in weekly productions for the church, and he has managed to work with and produce music for many great artists along the way.

Brown has worked with the likes of Sonnie Badu, Earnest Pugh, Nolan Williams, Danton Whitleyand, and many more. He has also recorded for Trinity Broadcasting Network, BET, Fox 45 News, ABC News, and many more. Tyrae Brown is also the endorser of Nord keyboards, which are top-quality keyboards for talented keyboard players from all over the world.

Tyrae Brown has been part of the Recording Academy for the last three years, and he hopes that the music he creates will resonate with people and leave a lasting impact in their hearts and souls. Most of all, he hopes that all the people that will hear his music will bring glory to God in the highest order. With Brownsvillemusic, his dream isn’t that far from reality.

Along with recording music, Brownsvillemusic also provides engineering services for many artists and multiple record labels. The company has made waves from all across the globe as well, having traveled to many nations to record and engineer for various artists, concerts, and labels. Churches, record labels, musicians, singers, artists, and anyone with a strong passion for music will greatly benefit from the services and expertise that Tyrae Brown and his company bring to the table.

Brownsvillemusic strongly believes in the authenticity of the music that they produce and all of the artists they work with. With Tyrae Brown at the helm, the team’s work ethic is a cut above the rest. They are extremely committed to providing excellent services and meeting their artists’ deadlines. Most of all, Brownsvillemusic is not limited to producing one genre of music. The company diversifies and produces music with artists in gospel, pop, R&B, jazz, classical music, and electronic dance music.

This variety allows them to find artists who share the same vision and want to impact the lives of others positively through music. As Tyrae Brown continues to work passionately with local independent artists, he never loses sight of his mission to touch the hearts and souls of many. With each piece of music they release and produce, there is always a sense of light and positivity, a kind of warmth that only Brownsvillemusic could ever produce. Each piece of music is a genuine form of expression that aims to inspire others and bring glory to God.

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