DJ GQ Continues to Change the Music Industry With His Reggae Sound


For the past decades, the music industry has gone over different popular genres, ranging from alternative to pop and R&B. Since the 2010s, electro dance music (or EDM) has become a popular genre as technology became more accessible, leading to a massive boom in music production with people taking their careers to new heights as DJs. Among the thousands in the industry is DJ GQ.

DJ GQ was born in Miami, Florida, with the name Gary Hardie. He would later move to Jamaica at the age of five, where he spent his childhood and met his first exposure to the DJ life from his cousin. At the age of 14, he began spinning in Jamaican clubs and even became a sponsored DJ, partnering with companies like Pepsi and Appleton Rum.

He would later attend Campion College in Kingston, Jamaica, before migrating to the United States at 17, where he established himself as a professional DJ for 20 years. Originally an unknown name, DJ GQ rose to popularity after several gigs got him noticed. DJ GQ became a mainstay in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami club scene. 

Widely credited as the pioneer of reggae and hip-hop blends, DJ GQ has gone on to distribute over 300,000 mixtapes worldwide. He is affiliated with major artists like Akon, DMX, and Mr. Vegas. He has even toured with Vincentian soca artist Kevin Lyttle when his song “Turn Me On” was one of the world’s top ten songs at the time. 

What makes him so unique is his heritage as a Jamaican. With a Chinese mother and a Cuban father, he has exposure to different cultures, so he mostly adopts his Jamaican heritage into his music. By infusing reggae and commercial sound, DJ GQ creates music for everyone from all diversities to enjoy. 

DJ GQ continues to perform internationally throughout the year and holds South Florida nightclub residencies weekly. He recently resumed his residence at Entice Ultra Lounge inside the Seminole Hard Rock and Casino, also known as the Guitar Hotel, in Hollywood, Florida. When he isn’t touring, DJ GQ hosts on YM100 Miami, a pop station. Working there for eleven years, he managed to get a pop/island following. 

For his works, DJ GQ became the first Top40 Mixer on Y100, with RadioFacts listing him on the Top 45 DJs, ranking sixth. DJ GQ has also been nominated for several awards, including three Multiple Global Spin Awards, Multiple Southern Entertainment Awards at SEA’s, and Multiple ProMo Only Summer Sessions awards for “Radio Mixshow DJ of the Year.” DJ GQ also managed to bag the DJ of the Year award at the Film, Recording, and Entertainment Council Awards.

Recently, DJ GQ released a four-song debut EP titled “Is It You?” which has impacted the US charts, debuting at number ten while on the sales-driven US Current Reggae Albums Chart, the EP set opened at number one, selling over 658 copies.

Proud to have impacted the industry with his unique reggae sound, DJ GQ hopes to continue inspiring and motivating people with his music and eyes a role as an ambassador for reggae music soon.

To learn more about DJ GQ, you may visit his website or follow his Instagram and Facebook for more updates on his music.