How AJ Mamba Pushes the Boundaries of the Music Industry With His Conscious Music


Music has always been a means for expressing oneself or one’s views on certain subject matters. However, over the last few years, the industry has leaned more towards breaking records on the Billboard charts and less towards sending a message. Rising hip hop artist AJ Mamba is looking to bring back the old ways of music.

AJ Mamba was born and raised in Philadelphia. Born under the name AJ Dwayne, he would fall in love with hip hop from the radio. AJ grew up listening to rappers who spoke about life and made their listeners think with their content focusing on social commentary. Their lyricism inspired AJ to enhance his creativity.

Having found a talent for writing and storytelling, AJ participated in theatre. He would perform within the South Jersey area, writing his own shows and performing in several productions like Hairspray, Carousel, A Chorus Line, and Ghost, among many others. Being in the theatre scene brought AJ the opportunity to perform in films and comedies. 

He would also venture into other forms of entertainment, namely YouTube. AJ partnered with a gamer named Abra, who would join him on his channel, Loud Stone Entertainment. There, the two would cover topics such as music, wrestling, and anime. Most of their videos consist of gameplays of video games like the Final Fantasy series, among many others.

By 2019, AJ Dwayne would rebrand himself as AJ Mamba, paying tribute to Kobe Bryant and using the name as a means to keep himself accountable on his journey to reach his goals despite his many failures in the past.

After thirteen years in the theatre, AJ Mamba had an impressive background as an actor, director, and writer, making the doors wide open for him to go bigger in the theatre scene. However, AJ decided that it was time to pursue his passion for music. 

AJ Mamba would push the boundaries of hip hop and R&B using his creative lyricism and fearless honesty. Growing up with hip-hop when it was raw and uncut, he is working towards changing the industry, which he feels has made music too censored. AJ wants to represent the people by expressing his political views, disagreements with society, and how he views life should be, all of which many can agree with. AJ Mamba’s music is meant to encourage other people to think for themselves and not be afraid of who they truly are. Everyone is different, and AJ wants people to show their differences proudly.

Signed with Estabrook Road Records, AJ Mamba is set to release his new single titled “Black People,” a song that was written and produced before the current events happening in the country. The song is a historical and reflective view of African Americans’ trials and tribulations as a whole. Its message is intended to make the audience think about different perceptions of reality. 

AJ Mamba’s “Black People” is set to be released on November 13.

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