Pretty Weird Blonde Is Paving the Way for a New Genre of Music

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Pretty Weird Blonde is on a mission to create music that will transcend listeners into the 5th dimension. Her latest single, Love You in the Cosmos, takes audiences on a dance journey into outer space, emphasizing the heart chakra as a gateway into other dimensions. Pretty Weird Blonde’s approach to music as a portal has given birth to a new genre—one that makes you want to boogie just as much as it helps you tap into galactic frequencies. “I want to innovate an interdimensional genre, in which music is literally charged with specific frequencies that will activate your DNA into a higher state of being,” explains Pretty Weird Blonde. “My songs will be like portals into other dimensions!” 

NY Weekly recently listed Pretty Weird Blonde as one of the “Top 20 People to Follow in 2020,” amid legends such as Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuck. Rightfully so, Love You in the Cosmos is quickly gaining traction on Spotify— trending on 28 Spotify playlists, including major charts such as “Today’s Top Hits” and “Global Hits 2020.” The growing popularity of this newest single is no surprise, as its disco-pop beat makes you want to dance the night away! What makes this song unique, however, is the unconventional message of love. This isn’t your typical love song. Love You in the Cosmos is a song about the multidimensional layers of a person’s soul and the way in which love can be used as an energetic superpower. 

Pretty Weird Blonde is on a musical journey to inspire listeners to discover the cosmic power within their hearts. “We’re all made of stardust!” she exclaims, “Now it’s just a matter of activating our cosmic abilities and remembering that there’s so much more than this 3D reality.” She has several more songs lined up for release before the end of 2020, all with the underlying interdimensional theme. Her mission to connect listeners to the cosmos is especially relevant during these chaotic times. This innovative genre of interdimensional music seems like exactly what audiences need right now to expand beyond the darkness of our current reality.

Love You in the Cosmos is not the first of Pretty Weird Blonde’s cosmic inspiration and it won’t be the last. This multi-hyphenate entertainer is not only a SESAC musician, but also a SAG actor, screenwriter, and producer. She’s using her platform to create content—both with music and film/television—that will inspire the masses to rediscover themselves as cosmic beings. Pretty Weird Blonde emphasizes the idea that love and fear are the only real powers on planet Earth, and that right now, humanity is at a tipping point in which the choice between those two powers will make or break our existence. Pretty Weird Blonde claims that she’s an extraterrestrial being incarnated on Earth to remind humans of their galactic connection. 

Pretty Weird Blonde sets the bar high when it comes to being weird—but this X factor is exactly why her fanbase is so loyal and continues to skyrocket in number.  Her interdimensional music is not your typical “sound bath” spiritual music; it’s mainstream, it’s catchy, and it will take you on a dance journey that you’ve never experienced before. Get ready for a wild ride, listeners, because Pretty Weird Blonde is paving the way for a new genre of music that will catapult you into another dimension. Love You in the Cosmos and the rest of Pretty Weird Blonde’s music catalogue is available on all major streaming platforms.

Learn more about Pretty Weird Blonde through her Instagram, Spotify, and IMDB page.