NeverLeveled LLC and The Reggae Hub to Bring Beenie Man Live on NeverLeveled TV

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Jamaica is a country of rich culture. The people of Jamaica have positively influenced the world with their music, dance, and fashion. Dancehall, a genre of music and a dance style, originated from the Jamaican communities in the 70s. In the international music and dance scenes, Dancehall is widely acclaimed and integrated. Like many cultures, people gravitate towards select few artists who capture the essence of the culture and effectively relay it to target audiences. 

Dancehall’s King Beenie Man worked his way from local recognition to international fame with his dancehall tracks. He has been in the music industry for 25 years and influenced other established genres like Pop, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, and Afrobeat.

King Beenie Man started venturing to music at a very young age. Considered to be a child prodigy in his creative lane, the Jamaican superstar released a hit single at just 12 years old. He performed in local festivals like the 1992 Reggae Sunsplash Festival, where he captured the eyes of the international community.

Roughly two weeks ago, King Beenie Man released a new singleDo You Want to be That Guy” – a song referencing the pandemic and the crimes in Jamaica. 

There is too much to learn from the life and success of Beenie Man. As a tribute to a living legend, NeverLeveled LLC, in partnership with The Reggae Hub, will stage a virtual live concert featuring King Beenie  Man called “Life of a King” – through NeverLeveled TV.

“Life of a King” is part of the myriad of shows that NeverLeveled TV will offer to its subscribers. Tickets are available from $3.99 to $9.99 – each upgrade elevates the experience that the platform readies for its viewers. 

The pandemic has forced many families to retreat to their houses and protect themselves from harm. Probably a lot of people want to find the best and most entertaining way to spend their time. With over 4,000 movies ready for streaming, NeverLeveled TV will serve as the best pastime for the family.

The idea started from Guy Duhon, founder of NeverLeveled, with his similarly innovative partners Lamar Brumfield and Jason and Debbion Newman, owners of The Reggae Hub.

“[We] look to provide our audience with a virtual experience that’s needed to lift the moods and balance the climate we’re in at the moment,says Duhon. 

According to Duhon, NeverLeveled and The Reggae Hub is honored to jump-start the virtual platform with the community getting a taste of the greatness of Beenie Man. 

NeverLeveled TV is an ingenious creation by a team that wishes to bring talents and memorable experiences inside the comforts of family homes. And with The Reggae Hub on board, viewers are in for a treat. There is much bonus up for grabs. Fans may choose to subscribe to NeverLeveled TV with a comment of $4.99 should subscribers want free access to general admission events and gain points from views. Points are redeemable in the 2021 Jamaica Culture Festival, the signature destination event of NeverLeveled. 

General Admission for “Life of a King” is at $3.99. VIP access, priced at $6.99, gives subscribers a choice to download the music of Beenie Man and a backstage view. Taking it up to the highest notch, Ultra VIP subscribers acquire all of the offers and get a chance to join a virtual party with secret guests and artists. This can all be availed with the $9.99 rate.

In light of the recent shooting of Breaonna Taylor, an African-American emergency room technician, NeverLeveled LLC has decided to postpone the event and move it to August 14. NeverLeveled and The Reggae Hub stand  in solidarity with the family of  Taylor who was caught in the crossfire against the police. To give time for the community to reflect on the incident and the family to start their healing process, the event was moved to a later date.

With 24,000 patrons at bay, NeverLeveled expresses their heartfelt gratitude for the patience and understanding of the public. Alongside The Reggae Hub, NeverLevelled sets out to partner with ROKU and Amazon Fire Stick, and hit the 100,000 mark.     

Go to the NeverLeveled site to know more about offers and schedule an interview with the one and only King Beenie Man.