11 Officers Injured Breaking up Unlicensed London Music Event

11 Officers Injured Breaking up Unlicensed London Music Event

Eleven police officers were wounded when they attempted to break up an unlicensed music festival in western London, the latest in a string of unauthorized parties in the British capital during the past couple of weeks that have come down to abuse.

The Metropolitan Police, London’s overarching police force, said the officers were thrown at bricks and other objects upon their arrival. Specially qualified law enforcement personnel dressed in tactical clothing immediately mobilized to bring the incident under hand.

Two officers suffered broken bones, the police force said, while nine others sustained non-serious injury. No arrests were made. Police said by 1:15 a.m. all watching the White Community gathering had been dispersed. A few hours after reports were first issued Saturday morning from a mass meeting at a housing estate.

Detective Chief Inspector Luke Wyllie said police are identifying those who are involved in the “violence and disorder” process.

“We ‘re not going to allow those intent to do harm to get away with this behavior,” he said.

Last week, 22 police officers were severely wounded after a street party erupted into chaos in Brixton ‘s south London area. Another gathering also led to clashes at Notting Hill in west London.

Following the June 24 Brixton clashes, the Met’s highest-ranking police offer, Cressida Dick, said the number of police injuries over the three weeks prior is “heading up to 140-odd officers,” including those hurt during protests in the wake of George Floyd’s brutal killing in the US.

Under England’s coronavirus restrictions, gatherings are limited to six people, even after saturday when pubs and restaurants can reopen in the lockdown’s latest easing.

Mayor Sadiq Khan of London has denounced the current police assault as “disgraceful” and on Saturday additional officers will be out.

“Violence against the police will not be tolerated and perpetrators will be caught and prosecuted,” he said.