New website template: Ghost Note


In music, a “ghost note” is a rhythmic percussive note that has no pitch or tone. I use ghost notes quite a bit when playing bass as it’s a way to sync up nicely with the drums. For the listener, a ghost note is something more felt than heard.

In a way, this new website template is designed to be felt rather than heard. It provides a nice backdrop to your content and music, but at the same time, gets out of the way so that your content is the highlight. 

Add backgrounds on backgrounds

With the new Ghost Note template, you can set a background color which will sit under the header image and menu, and flow behind your content on the page.

To make things look a bit different, you can also upload a full page background image. With this image, you can set the positioning and alignment. You can also make it repeat (handy if you add a texture).  

Set the attachment to scroll with the page, for a long image behind your content. Or for a modern look, set it as fixed, and the image will stay in place as your content moves over it.

If you want your background image to peek through a bit, you can set the background color opacity per section.

Music website template content

Set your section styles

After you‘ve chosen your background color, you can set the section style, which will appear only as wide as your content area. Try a neutral background color and then a section background color that’ll stand out, like this cream and pink example.

Music website template backgrounds

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Variations on a theme

As usual, we have 4 different flavors to suit an assortment of genres and artists. 

Our neutral variant features a palette of whites and soft grays, and uses a very clean (and currently trendy) geometric sans font. It’s a very flexible version that could be applicable to just about any genre, from soul to country music.

Neutral website template

We dug deep into current color trends to arrive at the palette for our playful variant. The visually interesting stenciled serif font Butler really adds some uniqueness to the design. 

I think this is one of my personal favorite fonts on our platform at the moment. A great theme for pop, singer-songwriters or even soul and hip hop.

Playful band website template

The sombre variant really takes the art direction to heart with a super minimal palette of 2-3 colors. A bright coral red helps direct your website visitors attention to your buttons for playing your music, or signing up to your mailing list. The color also creates a cool monotone effect in the header image.

Sombre music website template

And finally, our elegant variant uses some extreme kerning to play up the classy Commorant serif type (inspired by the wordmark for the movie “The Favorite.”) 

It’s a great fit for classical and jazz musicians, with subtle style and lots of room for content.

Elegant music website templateAs with all of our music website templates, you can try this one out in the Theme editor without it affecting your content or pages. It’s mobile-ready and will adapt to any device seamlessly. Customize your colors and fonts, set your background image, and you’re ready to showcase your music with Ghost Note.