New website template: Limelight


Whether you’re a drummer, a music teacher, or an indie pop band, sometimes a different look is just what you need. Our new website template Limelight puts the focus on you and will help you impress your fanbase with a sleek new look.

All eyes on the image

A picture is worth a thousand words, and you are your brand. This template really showcases that perfect picture with its placement at the top. The shape of your image can be a triangle, circle, rectangle, or square.

Setting it beside a crisp call-to-action to promote your latest track or upcoming show creates a cohesive and clean look.

If you’re worried that you don’t have the perfect image just yet, you can still use this template – just pop in a stock image that resonates with you. It will add that needed visual interest, and you can go with it to finish your look, or replace it later on.

Music website with big header image


Beside the image, you’ve got some text that’s easy to customize and edit to promote your next album. No music in the works? Place a call-to-action that highlights a new video, or an upcoming event.

You can draw more attention to your call-to-action by giving it a border, or a background color (adjust the transparency so your image still shows through).

Color choices

We’ve selected preset color palettes for each version of this template, which you can use (and add your own image) or customize. Each one is interesting and modern, from the grey-pink hues of the sombre version, to the purple-yellow pops of the playful version.

Pair it with a perfect font

We’ve also added five new font choices with this template! Each one is modern and easy to read. As with all fonts, you can change the font style from bold to light, adjust the line-height or change the letter spacing to make it look just right.

Music website font choices

To see this new template in action, check out this video walk-through:

One page template

With a simple layout, this template is a perfect candidate to create a one page website from scratch. After you add your pages, the menu items will jump down the page to the corresponding section.

Be sure to set each section to a different color (matching colors are provided in the theme’s palette) or add a background image.

Create your own stylish, mobile-ready website with the Limelight template in minutes. Try Bandzoogle free today!

Vintage, bold, or classic

With four variations, you can easily tailor this template to suit your tunes. Just combine the elegant version with an image filter and you’ve got a retro look, perfect for a songwriter. The colors also work well for a music teacher website.

The playful colors and funky font of the second variation pair well with a producer website. You could also adapt it for a rock or indie pop band.

The sombre version uses a modern palette of grey and pink, which you can customize, or leave as is for a stunning drummer website.

The neutral version is black and white by default, and would work well for a record label or a DJ.

Music website template design LimelightMusic web design option PlayfulMusic website design template elegantMusic website design template neutralTry on the Limelight template for size to give your music website a fresh new look and feel. Your content will remain the same, and you can edit your colors as needed to create something unique.