Tips For Your Website Templates


Our newest website template is all about the animation. Each variation features a funky little design that smoothly sails in as your page loads. It’s perfect for adding a quirky little bit of flair to make your music website unique. So which one is best for you? Let’s check it out!

Unique animation

Behind your website title, you can choose an animated flourish (or leave it off, if you’d rather). Choose from a diamond, floral wreath, plaque with floral bouquet, octopus, or a brushstroke. This will draw attention right to your name.

You can align the title and animation to the left, right, or center, plus move it vertically to be sure it’s in the best possible spot for your design.

Motive website template titles

Eyes on your Image

To polish off the header area of your website, adjust the spot where it meets your content by making a point, or a straight line. Then you can change the header height so it fits your image just right.

Need to add an image filter to give your photo that special something? No problem – custom image filters are right at your fingertips.

Accent elements

It’s a good idea to use section titles to break up your content and make it visually pleasing. With the Motiv template, these titles come with fun accent elements.

We’ve set one for each variation, but you’re welcome to use the pointing hand, crown, diamond, or none at all, on any version.

Motive template accent elements

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Fonts! Fonts!

There are two new fonts being rolled out along with this template. They’re called Edo and Selima. Both have a handwritten look to them – just right for a songwriter!

Music website template fonts

Make it your own

As with all of our templates, we’ve chosen modern colors and fonts as a starting off point. You can use those for a cohesive look, or change it up in the Theme Editor as you like. Any time you change your template, all of your content stays intact, so have fun trying something new!

To get a feel for the Motiv template and what you can do with it, watch the video below:

Four Variations

One of these versions is sure to suit you. The neutral version works well for a big band or orchestra, while the elegant variation is perfect for a singer-songwriter.

Are you a record label looking for a new template? Try the playful version of Motiv for a classic, clean look with a hint of pizzazz.

Finally, the sombre version will work well for a music business like a recording studio or producer.

Check them all out and see which one you can use to change up your website’s look!

Music website template Motiv Singer SongwriterOrchestra website template MotivMusic website template PlayfulMusic website template Record LabelThe Motiv template will make your band stand out from the crowd with its quirkiness. It will also give you a professional look with its clean lines. It will work well for a website with separate pages, or a one-page website. Give it a try and make it your own!