Rapper, R&B Artist, and Producer Killa Teaze TMP Shares His Musical Journey

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The uniqueness of an individual, especially when aspiring for a career in any creative field, is indispensable. We hear LANY, dropping their songs that give listeners immense emotions, or Drake with his R&B singles that ooze with personality or a track by Eminem uttering words faster than sound. These artists, while making great marks in the same industry, explore different styles, and present different identities.

Tommie Mallard, better known as Killa Teaze TMP, is making a path of his own. 

Mallard grew up writing poems. He enjoyed writing about different things that would unsuspectingly pop out from his young yet creative mind. Everyone starts from somewhere, and the path towards stardom and acclaim begins inside the home. With his cousin, Mallard began to add harmony and beats to the multitude of poems that he created. He enjoyed these informal sessions with his cousin and these became one of the reasons that he grew to love composing.

While most 13-year-olds play with toy cars and love to go outside, he and his cousin spent a lot of time navigating through words, getting creative everywhere they go, and learning in the process. Indeed, when you get called to the mission of music-making, you see and experience the world in a whole different way. And for someone as young as the 13-year-old Mallard, the door opens wide. 

As time passed by, Mallard got the hang of writing lyrics and integrating the words with beats that he soon entered into Rap and R&B. Inside the music industry, Mallard created strong relationships with artists who think as much as him. He partnered with the rapper Lil Zane and Derek Womack, to release hit singles that inspire and influence. He will soon sit down with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Lil Scrappy, and Jamie Foxx for musical projects. The future is productive for Mallard.

Today, Mallard manages and runs his music label, Rest In Peace Records. The label exists to provide recording services to start-up artists who are trying to find their paths in the industry. Mallard wants to create songs for himself and with others that convey real emotions, reveal real people, and relate to real people.

“I want my fans to love me for who I am,” reveals Mallard.

The creative process of music is both meticulous and straightforward. Either way, when an artist truly pours out his emotions and translates them to form clusters of words, the listeners can feel it. Mallard wants to become an artist that can resonate with his audience. He aspires to release tracks that allow people to understand his perspectives. 

The factor that determines triumph among competitors, for Mallard, is individuality. There exists an ocean of artists. Often, singers, rappers, and producers get discouraged by this tidal wave of diversity. But not Mallard. He sticks to his identity, and for him, that makes him unique and a cut above the rest. 

Certainly, others have way more achievements than him, but he believes that staying true to his craft will give him a spotlight bigger than where he is now. And he is in the process.

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