Kia Kërr: Album ‘Journey With Me’ Released to Impart a Message of Hope

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With everything that has been going on recently, it would be nice to have some peace and quiet. Imagine being in a place where technology is turned off, and those rampant thoughts inside your head are shut off as well. With eyes closed, just feel your breath going in and out. Tune out the world. Turn on some music. That will give you peace.

Music is the soul of life and gives immense peace. And with the feeling of disconnect and overwhelm brought by these trying times, music keeps people grounded and connected somehow. This is why musicians like Kia Kërr stay motivated to keep creating more music.

Kia Kërr was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She challenges the entertainment world to open its ears to a new sound. Her sweet tone, smooth timbre, and vocal range send warm vibrations that pierce not only through her listeners’ ears but as well as their hearts. As she blends her soulful melody with eclectic beats, she proves that she is in a league of her own.

This singer/songwriter has believed music to be her destiny calling at her ever since she was little. At the young age of 7, she was already singing and performing to her heart’s content. And in that pivotal moment, it can’t be any more apparent that music pumps through her veins. The way she captivates her audience is unlike any other.

Kia has performed in countless concerts and venues. Her fans fuel her to keep doing what she’s doing. And albeit being an experienced performer, she still manages to radiate a humble presence on stage. She strives to be a light in the entertainment industry by creating songs about the struggles and joys of life. She uses her music as a platform to ring hope to anyone who listens to it.

Writing her songs and arranging her own vocals give Kia an edge over other artists in the industry. She has a knack of turning her songs into more than just some vessels of beats and rhythms. She makes sure to incorporate her skill in story-telling with the art of songwriting.

For as long as she can remember, singing has always been her source of passion. Nothing sparks joy in her more than when she starts to let her voice out. She aspires to inspire all who will listen. And because she can’t be physically there for her listeners, she just lets her music fill in that gap. Through her songs, she reaches out to those who are feeling a little lost and down. She knows what it’s like to be at that point in life where nothing just seems to go right anymore. This is why it’s really important for her that she writes songs that are filled with hope.

Her new single “Light Lives Here” is already available on all streaming and purchasing platforms. Kia’s album, “Journey With Me”, is now available. The world has been a little too noisy lately, and Kia wants nothing more than for her music to uplift everyone in these trying times. Head on to her website to hear her euphoric and calming melodies.