Rising Music Artist Skyler Meany Is Set to Release New Album

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Amid a time of a global crisis, up-and-coming music artist, Skyler Meany, channeled his creativity and passion for music to produce songs making up a total of four albums since March this year. Inspired by the loss of his two closest friends, Skyler is set to release a new album this coming July 27, 2020, called Zapped! And it promises to be an experience worth waiting for.

Zapped! is predominantly inspired by well-known American instrumentalist Frank Zappa who was a composer and bandleader at the same time. Zappa’s works are characterized by free-form improvisation, nonconformity, unique sound experiments, musical virtuosity, and extraordinary satire of American culture. Skyler expects that the album will appeal to his older followers as it will feature eclectic sounds. 

For younger generations who are inclined to the music genre Eminem represents, Skyler highly recommends his rap album titled Coronavirus Sessions. While he embraces all types of music genres and is yet to discover which one is closest to his heart, Skyler believes that he can still express his musicality by meeting the demands of fans worldwide. As an independent artist under his own recording label, Weird Records, he has the freedom to cross over different genres whenever he wishes to.

Skyler is highly skilled in playing different instruments, and this gives him a strong competitive edge over other rising artists of this generation. He was formerly a member of the band called 1947. Throughout his journey with the band, he realized that doing collaborations truly makes a difference. Skyler has had the privilege of performing at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in Los Angeles, California, and at the Cannabis Freedom Festival in Melbourne, Florida. 

Just like any other small band, Skyler experienced what it was like to be paid barely enough to even cover gas money. The cost of also seeking professional help to record an album with his previous band was daunting. Despite the challenges and financial obstacles along the way, however, he knew that he needed to step up his game and adapt to the competitive and demanding world of the music industry.

One of his biggest influences as a musician is Paul McCartney of The Beatles. Just like McCartney, he also aspires to help change the world through his songs. Understanding the power of music to influence people, Skyler is dedicating all his time to producing the most inspiring songs he can come up with, especially during a time such as this. He believes that music is a powerful tool that can help many people get past this challenging time. By offering hope, peace, joy, and comfort through his creations, Skyler is contributing to a noble cause.

Skyler hopes to one day find himself on a world stage playing for a massive audience that appreciates his music. He also looks forward to starting a family and bringing them along while he tours the world to introduce his music. While he is primarily a lover of music, Skyler is also working on his 3rd draft of a fiction novel. No one may know what the future holds, but Skyler is determined to continue to pursue his dreams until he makes it.

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