The Band Perry Drops New Track ‘The Good Life’

The Band Perry - The Good Life - Music Industry Weekly

The Band Perry released brand new music, “The Good Life,” their newest track which dropped July 12.

Here are some of the lyrics from her song: “I’m not gonna be a joke/I know about your side piece bro/I’m not gonna fight anymore/Glad I never had your baby/This’ll be a cleaner cut/You can keep the Labradors.”

Watch and listen to ‘The Good Life’ below:

Kimberly Perry said that she wrote this song about the infidelity she experienced during a toxic time in her life, and wanted to let the world know that she overcame and has now completely regained her strength and womanhood.

In an interview she said that her lyrics from the song empower her, and she hopes that her listeners will feel the same, and that they will know their value. She sends her fans the message that if they ever feel degraded by someone, they need to know that they deserve so much more.