Thesourwarhead Accused of Stealing Music by Ace Aura, Chime, Skybreak and Zomboy


Producer thesourwarhead also known as Joshua Gleason has been accused of stealing the work of various artists.

In Gleason’s recent album called Simplex, there was a track that was identical to Chime and Ace Aura’s remix of Wet Napkin by Ray Volpe. He was accused of stealing the track from the two artists. After their accusation, it was then discovered that Joshua Gleason had stolen music from other artists and released them without obtaining consent.

Chime with a real name of Harvey Thompson said that he uploaded the color bass remix of ‘Wet Napkin made by him and Ace Aura to his SoundCloud account on the 8th of June 2018. The album Simplex came out on October 31. On the album, there was a track called ‘Electromaniac’ which was track number 7. This track was the same song but four seconds shorter. Ace Aura with a real name of Eric Seall shared his displeasure with Gleason on Twitter.

Apart from that track, electronic music lovers all around the world saw some tracks that were similar to released tracks by Skybreak and Zomboy among thesourwarhead or Joshua Gleason’s musical works. Gleason released ‘Samurai’ by Skybreak featuring PYRMD as ‘Digital Showdown,’ and he also released ‘Bad Intention’ by Zomboy as ‘Rise.’

Gleason made an official statement on his Facebook page where he denied the allegations by Chime and Ace Aura. He said that he had been creating his own music since 2013 which was the year he released and distributed his first album. He said that no one could offer any proof that he stole the work of others.

Joshua Gleason who is also a video editor and producer says that the accusations were a defamation campaign against him. He claimed that his accusers didn’t like the fact that he was successful, and they wanted to be popular by accusing him. He accused Ace Aura of telling his friends to harass and take down his social media pages.

Joshua Gleason claimed that his songs were published through BMI and Neilsen Soundscan since when it had been distributed. He claimed that Shazam and Soundhound recognized him as the artist for all his songs.

Shutdown who collaborated with Skybreak on the track ‘Samurai’ said that his voice was in the plagiarized track ‘Digital Shutdown’ and he confirmed that he had never met Joshua Gleason before. He asked why his voice should be on ‘Digital Shutdown’ when he had never met Joshua Gleason or sent him any voice sample.

Other people on Twitter Joshua Gleason’s name was on BMI but the songs were not on BMI. A twitter user @Spammals said that thesourwarhead track ‘Future Memories’ is actually ‘Pink Lady’ by Feed Me.

Gleason was asked to provide project files to prove his innocence, but he did not do that. A DMCA takedown has been issued for Thesourwarhead redistribution of ‘Samurai’ by Skybreak featuring PYRMD. Also, thesourwarhead release of wet napkin remix from Ace Aura and Chime has been removed. EDM label Ninety9Lives confirmed this on their official Twitter handle.