Troubled Conscience Is the Upcoming Rap Star Ready to Break Barriers in the Music Industry

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With his recent track “New Mercedes” reaching over 218,000 streams on Spotify alone, upcoming rap star Troubled Conscience catches a glimpse of how far his pure talent in music can reach. Now more than ever, the young and empowered musician seeks to use his music to break barriers in the industry while making a significant difference in people’s lives.

Twenty-two-year-old musician Troubled Conscience is a rap, gospel rap, and R&B artist, songwriter, and creative director. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, his passion for music is one that runs deep in the blood. Growing up, he witnessed his grandfather playing the piano and singing as one of the “Four Keys” of the legendary Queen of Jazz, Ella FitzGerald. While life did not come easy for the aspiring singer and his family, who found themselves struggling in a low-income household, the financial challenges did not stop him from pursuing what he loved the most. 

For Troubled Conscience, singing always had a special place in his life. At the young age of 14, he started making music. His passion for it continued throughout his teenage years, and today, he is taking the necessary steps to achieve his ultimate dream of taking over the music industry. 

Much of his musical genres revolve around R&B, pop, and rap. Troubled Conscience produces chill and laid-back tracks with catchy beats and creative wordplay. His lyrical content aims to encourage and inspire other people in different ways. Beyond rapping about life, the rap star in the making is also a proud gospel rapper. His strong faith keeps him moving forward in life, and with that in mind, he uses his gift in music to give praise to God. 

More than just his hunger for success, what truly makes Troubled Conscience stand out in the music arena is his impressive talent, coupled with high moral standards. He uses his craft in relaying powerful and positive messages to other people who may find themselves lost in life. Furthermore, his passion and commitment to his career are unlike any other. “I’m willing to go broke and dedicate my time and resources to reach my goals,” says the upcoming rapper. But most of all, he believes that with God’s guidance, navigating toward success would be bearable albeit challenging.

For this young music artist, the only way to truly achieve success is “to have ownership of whatever you’re doing.” That said, Troubled Conscience stays in control of whatever he does for his music career. By having freedom over his creative work, he ensures that all his tracks take on the best quality and moral standards best fit for his listeners.

Today, Troubled Conscience is gaining traction in several streaming platforms. On Spotify, his albums “Closer Than Ever” and “Land Baby E.P., Vol. 1” have amassed thousands of streams. His track “New Mercedes” has been streamed 218,000 times, reaching listeners from Australia, Europe, and other parts of the world. He has also published some of his music videos on YouTube. 

To know more about Troubled Conscience and his music, you may follow him on Instagram. You may also check him out on Spotify and YouTube.