Uncle James Is Giving Listeners a Taste of Authentic Lyrics

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NBA superstar LeBron James’s uncle, Curtis James, better known as Uncle James, is taking the spotlight on a different path as his nephew. The talented performer is carving a name for himself in the entertainment and music industry as a force to reckon with. 

Uncle James began his career in the business as an underground artist going by the name Curt James. He has performed in various gigs across the country for over 20 years with his amazing vocals. On top of his impressive career experience, Uncle James is dominating the scene with his theatrical talents. He is very photogenic, perfect for the cameras, and has appeared in many prominent music videos. Uncle James is always ready to deliver unmatched acting skills and land significant roles.

At a young age, Uncle James was already performing at birthday parties and local talent shows. As he grew up, Uncle James built his name as a performing artist and gained popularity in his community. Later on, he took his skills to the next level and pursued a professional career in music. Uncle James opened shows for music icons such as Rick Ross, Jim Jones, Eightball and MJG, and Trina. He also hosted hip-hop artists and saw them as opportunities to promote himself and Raw Footage Label.

Today, Uncle James is pursuing a path as a singer and songwriter. He is also the owner of Raw Footage Records. The artist is seen performing at notable concerts, festivals, and bars across the United States. Uncle James has made himself heard at Akron Civic Center, LeBron James’ birthday celebration at House of Blues, Rockwall Run at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Uncle James is known for his versatility. He has a particular way of delivering tracks on his unique sound. Uncle James leverages his informative content to stand out among other artists in the industry. Through Raw Footage Records, Uncle James creates original lyrics that tell his real-life experiences. Besides capturing listeners with his unique flow, Uncle James wants to highlight his lyrics’ truthfulness and inspire people at a deeper level.

Through his songs, Uncle James wants to teach hip-hop enthusiasts a lesson or two from his experiences and mistakes. He tackles childhood upbringing, teenage endeavors, and adult circumstances. He is bringing a new meaningful flavor to rap music in a way that’s never been done before. 

The hip-hop artist has released quite a few projects and mixtapes in his career. Uncle James recently launched his new album called Lyfestyles of Curt James Vol. 1. It includes the music video toTimes Got Better,” a hot single that features LeBron James’s mother, Gloria Marie James.

Uncle James produces music that comes straight from the heart. He goes beyond the average topics but still dazzles listeners with his rhythm. His sincerity will surely win audiences all over the world. Uncle James delivers his message free from sugar coating. He is not ashamed to let the world know about his experiences but amplifies it for everyone.

To learn more about Uncle James, visit his Twitter account. Listen to his amazing tracks on Apple Music.