Upcoming Artist Gavriel Brings Authentic Songwriting to Music Biz

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There are artists in the music industry who spend years finding their sound by studying music theories. Then there are talented individuals like Gavriel who do not dwell on memorizing the technicalities of the art by the books but instead directly play from the heart. 

Gavriel was born Phillip Reichmann, an upcoming artist from New York. He began his full-time career as an artist in August of 2019 and had been writing music ever since. A year later, Gavriel released his debut album What I’ve Found on the 2nd of August. Although he is a new player in the music business, Gavriel exudes the confidence and vibe of a seasoned artist. 

In his songs, he sounds like someone with a long-standing knowledge of music. The album includes eight amazing songs. Among them are “Blue,” “Warm Welcome,” “Six Whole Years,” “Penny,” and many others. What I’ve Found is now streaming on Spotify, reaching and capturing listeners worldwide.

What I’ve Found was recorded at Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove Long Island, New York. It was produced by the iconic saxophone player Richie Cannata. Asked what he thought about Gavriel, Cannata said, “He is one of the most refreshing artists we have worked with in a long time.” The saxophone player is just one of the many seasoned professionals who believe Gavriel would soon become one of the industry’s biggest names.

Gavriel’s music is inspired by some of the biggest icons in the industry: John Mayer, Lewis Capaldi, Michael Buble, and Ed Sheeran. He is passionate about producing music with unaltered vocals accompanied by authentic instruments. Although his idols influence him, Gavriel still makes sure that his own sound comes through in his songs, giving them a classic rock approach with the genuine songwriter feel.

Gavriel provokes his audiences to think or revisit a memory upon hearing his music. His sophistication in playing every chord combined with his profound lyrics produces an impact in a mellow atmosphere. Gavriel’s songs are perfect for long drives or a laid-back afternoon at home.

Gavriel was exposed to different instruments growing up. The artist has been playing piano since he was five years old. The craft quickly led him to learn the drums. But it wasn’t until four years ago that he decided to pick up and learn to play the guitar. It became his main instrument ever since. He explored his six-strings and created songs inspired by his experiences in life. Gavriel said that writing music came naturally to him after he got married. It became his primary platform to express himself.

The artist envisions playing in the most significant stages all around the world. His dreams are to play in front of an audience who would sing along with his songs as he is performing them on stage. In no time, with his authenticity and undeniable talent, Gavriel will be signing major record labels. He also wants to write songs for other artists in the industry. To hone his talents, Gavriel writes a song or two every day.

To learn more about the upcoming artist, visit Gavriel’s website.