Up-and-Coming Rapper Don Popi Soon to Drop Her New Single “Change 4 Change”

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Racism, police brutality, and the challenges of the LGBT community are the societal issues that Don Popi’s new single “Change 4 Change” will touch on. The rising rap star is not letting her skills and talent go to waste. She is determined to use her voice to demand a change for a change and what better way to do this than through her passion for music.

Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Don started her rap journey at 16 years old in their home studio along with her older sisters. However, she spent her early years of adulthood playing professional basketball across Europe. It was during these days that she discovered her profound passion for poetry and writing music. 

Her natural talent in poetry shines through in the song lyrics she comes up with. The hip-hop artist and songwriter has her unique way of creating music that is sure to have a substantial impact on the listeners. She can depict complex realities into simple scenes that can play through one’s head while listening to her tracks. 

As a female rapper, she exudes dominance, authenticity, and unapologetic vibes. She believes that women should be free to express themselves in whatever they want without any fear. 

Her first album, Vibes, Vol. 1, showcased her versatility as a singer. She can quickly shift to what the music demands her style to be. Her flawless delivery of the lyrics helps her successfully get the message across to the listeners. Don’s confidence also makes her charming to listen to as she exhibits effortless swag. With catchy melodies and beats, listeners will enjoy her music style.

Don is soon dropping her latest and most promising single entitled “Change 4 Change.” Here, she touches on very sensitive yet important socio-political issues that the world is facing today. Through this single, she hopes to encourage people to demand a change for a better world. Without these necessary changes, people will continue to treat one another in problematic ways. 

As a musician, she believes it is her purpose to use her voice to address what needs to be addressed. Writing lyrics and singing her truth can make a big difference in society. When a rap artist enters the mind of the listener through a captivating track, the effect can be groundbreaking as the attention of the listeners is brought to the important messages that the song delivers. With that in mind, the power of music is undeniably enormous, and brilliant musicians like Don are taking advantage of this ability. 

Currently, she continues to make meaningful music that is not only pleasant to the ears but also featuring lyrics that hit right through the bones. She hopes to achieve her future goal of signing artists into her label and helping other artists grow. For Don, there is no impossible dream in life. Life is what you make it, and “it all starts inside.”

For more information about Don Popi, also known as Don P, and her hip-hop music, check out her profiles on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Facebook.