Up And Coming Sensation Pretty Boy Culture Set To Release His Debut Single “Area 51” On September 13th, 2020

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The current music scene is saturated with talented musicians who are all vying to catch the attention of listeners worldwide. And with the number of skillful artists in the industry, it can be challenging to distinguish one’s brand apart from their peers’. For future powerhouse Pretty Boy Culture, he has found early on what makes him stand out and has launched his career in the music scene by banking on his story and brand of artistry. 

This 22-year-old emerging artist has turned to the comfort of music ever since he was young. Growing up, he held all of his problems in and let them build up inside as he faced various challenges, from difficulties at school, feeling like a failure for his family to seeing his single mother work hard to provide for him and his older brother. 

He started writing about his problems in the Notes app on his phone, utilizing the act as a cathartic means of addressing his situation. Very quickly, these notes became the seeds that would grow into poems and songs, and soon afterward, he was seen rapping them to all of his friends. 

Currently, Pretty Boy Culture is making his way into people’s playlists through his newsworthy music, which integrates different feelings and encounters into an auditory experience that can provide solace. With his ability to relate to all audiences because of his full-range discography, he can provide jams perfect for parties and songs that offer relief in times of sadness.

His newest release, “Area 51”, is expected to drop September 13th of this year. As Pretty Boy Culture states, “I see my music and my artistry as foreign to the world. It’s unlike any other music you’ve heard before. My debut song  is the narrative of my life, and shows who I truly am as an artist.”

Listeners who tune in to this versatile artist can expect tracks like “Area 51” that are individually memorable as each of them contains a story ripped out of a page in his life. Not only does his music give people a look into who he is as an individual, but it also lets them know how deeply he can connect with his emotions. Moreover, Pretty Boy Culture is recognized for covering both sides of the rap game and suiting the taste of those who love melodic as well as lyrical rap. From songs with auto-tuning and reverb marked with deep bass beats to clean vocals on a trap beat, he showcases the best of all forms of music. Most importantly, this young musician delivers songs that can comfort an immensely diverse base, and people from all walks of life and ages can enjoy his rap and R&B music.

Pretty Boy Culture boasts a collection of upcoming tracks that are the results of considerable time and effort dedicated to perfecting the craft. Because at the end of the day, music is not just a hobby for him — it is his means to offer a fresh sound to the industry and touch lives with his story. 

The humility that characterizes the beginning of his career is also one reason behind the rising popularity of Pretty Boy Culture. And on top of his beat and flow style that is heavily influenced by Bay Area style beats, Atlanta trap, and New York flows, his skillful ability to adapt to numerous styles of music that most artists do not dabble in has further cemented his standing within the music scene. 

Right now, Pretty Boy Culture is looking forward to dropping his new single called Area 51 this coming September 13, 2020. Available on all streaming platforms, this latest track will be another evidence of his excellence as a musician. And with his future projects, he is anticipated to become a big household name in the scene. 

Know more about Pretty Boy Culture by visiting his Instagram page and checking his Spotify and Apple Music channels.