YaThatIsAll Blurs Line Between Art and Music with New Mixtape

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With music constantly being reinvented by artists, YaThatIsAll will not allow himself to lag behind what is trending. Born as Najeeb Al-Amin, YaThatIsAll has been releasing music for years, yet his impact on the hip-hop genre is a lasting feat. Regarded as Chicago’s top Afro hip-hop trendsetter for nearly a decade, YaThatIsAll will be releasing his new mixtape this year.

His great use of imagery and lyricism will lead YaThatIsAll to go plenty of miles further. With great hip-hop artists releasing hits after hits, YaThatIsAll will be stirring in his own flavor of music and storytelling. The story of his mixtape will come with comic book style fan art to help listeners visualize the tracks. Each song will be accompanied with a comic panel. The mixtape will follow his trademark Afrobeat rap, which is also integrated in his 2018 single “Hold On” and 2015’s “The Trailer.” The artwork will be released on his Instagram www.Instagram.com/YaThatIsAll and website www.YaThatIsAll.com 

Hailing from the South Side Chicago, the songwriter-actor has worked with several artists since he was only 17 years old. From Nigerian pop star 2Face to Chicago rap legend chief Keef, YaThatIsAll has worked with many artists and reached heights globally. For the industry, YaThatIsAll is not just a generic rapper but a true creative.

Striving to reach out to a wider audience is always a top priority for YaThatIsAll. Ya wishes to engage the fans into more styles of the hip-hop industry. From indie rap music to R & B to AfroPop, Najeeb wants to amass a fan base as large as Jidenna’s, Wiz Kid’s, or The Weeknd’s. 

Apart from his acting skills, YaThatIsAll still has more cards under his sleeve. YaThatIsAll not only sings but he can also rap in three languages. Additionally, he produces his recordings and plays musical instruments like guitar, percussion, keyboard, etc. Having shared the stage with names like Malik Yusef, Zzaje and even Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings; live performance has always played a big part in the experience he brings to an audience.

Asked what his motivations were in creating his own brand, YaThatIsAll shared, ”Watching my mentors, whether in America or West Africa or in South America. I watch them make history building brands and moving the culture forward. Many times I found myself right next to or at most, one degree of separation away from some of the largest names in music, it motivated me to build a brand around my own journey.”

In five years, YaThatIsAll is looking into bright possibilities. He said that he is interested in working with more artists or businesses to promote African and Afro-American culture through their platforms. YaThatIsAll wants to impart the awareness of race and social acceptance and standards in the community. For a person who was not born to a first-generation African family, those factors will play a vital role in adapting to the different pressures and turmoil brought by different societies. Moreover, his prospects regarding art do not seem to waver. Ya is hopeful that they will get to shoot a feature film that is heavily influenced by the Proof comics. 

Learn more about YaThatIsAll on his website.