Web Design Inspiration: Singer Websites


You’ve been focusing on your vocal technique since you were little. You’ve been practicing and carrying out and building your system.

You now need a sleek, professional web site to promote yourself as a vocalist but it’s difficult to know where to begin. So what type of website template should you choose? How may you customize it to greatest reflect your singing design?

Choosing your songs and practicing a performance is very distinct from creating a website for your music . Consider a website template as a starting point – a place to place your bits and pieces of symbolism and songs.

Let’ s check out how some of these artists used their personalities and happy to create a great looking singer site.

Top quality header image

When you start designing your vocalist website , you want to find a great picture that shows off your character on stage. The photo Afro-Soul/Jazz artist Aramide offers (as seen in the Feature Image of this article) chosen to open up her site is perfect. It not only displays who she is, but you obtain a sense of her songs straight away.

Looking at the standard of that image makes you believe she’ s a professional, and you also want to find out more. With that ideal header image, you also obtain a range of colors to use inside your website – blues, grapefruits, and other coordinating colors work nicely for Aramide’s hyperlink and button colors.

Nyah Grace has a great image too – one that appears effective and calm. You’ m guess from looking at this that she’ s obtained a strong set of pipes. Click on play on her music player plus you’ d be correct. As a songstress with innovative flair, her imagery is placed on one side.

Singer site Nyah Grace Artist: Nyah Grace

A good tale

You can inform your story in two ways. The foremost is with a compelling image, as well as the second is with a strong artist biography . Combine the two plus you’ ll have a convincing page that draws in your own fans.

Although he’ s reputed for his Freddy Mercury-like chops, Marc Martel also has a great story. This individual outlines it beautifully about this About page, touching on their past accomplishments and produces.

Singer website design Marc Martel Performer: Marc Martel

Looking at their main image, you can inform he’ s a seasoned artist. His color scheme will go really well together, greyscale in addition crisp white text.   The hints of reddish colored make his name and menus pop out.

Charcoal or black in addition white is a stunning method to provide contrast to your website’s About page. Erin Rock , a Toronto-based soprano, uses this combination which includes gold text to create a appear that’ s subdued, however classic. The design palette is definitely overall pleasing but processed, perfect for a classical vocalist.

Singer website Eric Stone Musician: Erin Rock

Your own music

This goes without stating, but let’ s state it anyways – like a singer, you need to have music on your site ! It doesn’t have to be CD upon COMPACT DISC of best-selling albums. A few videos with outstanding sound quality will help your own voice shine online.

Rootsy people singer Dana Wylie bases her website’ h design on her album art work. This is clever and creates a cohesive look all through her site. It also pulls attention to her music.

Taking notes associated with teal and darker azure, set against a fairly neutral background, her use of colour sets the tone on her laid back yet infectious songs.

Singer website design Dana Wylie Performer: Dana Wylie

With plenty of popular videos to their credit, Broadway singer plus actor Myles Erlick makes great use of an easy design. With all of their videos lined down the page, plus a super clear logo plus menu, it’ s simple to find what you’ re searching for.

Myles Erlick singer website Designer: Myles Erlick

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Repertoire list

Whether you’ re a broadway artist or a wedding singer, incorporating a page that lists your own song knowledge is certainly not a bad idea. Create a two line layout to keep things neat, and note on this web page if you do private events or even concerts.

Form of contact

If you are looking to book events, you should be reachable. Add a contact form, your own email address, or even your telephone number. On a contact page, you may also include an image and your social networking links.

George Moss , a Christian hip-hop/rap artist, has a detailed get in touch with page plus a thorough reservations page with FAQs. It will help cut down on the back and on to lay out the requirements (assume stage plot, budget, time period, and travel).

Laying these away in a sleek and arranged way like George will amps up the sense associated with professionalism, with all questions clarified.

Singer website design George Moss Artist: George Moss

Whether you’ re the gospel singer, a cover designer, or an R& W performer, there are lots of options to produce a singer website that delivers who you are. Add a splash of the personality with a great picture, choose your colors smartly, and make sure it’s organized. You’ll end up being well on your way to booking a lot more singing gigs with a web site that makes your voice stick out.

Still sensation a little stuck on how you desire your website to look? We’ve got lots of stunning website design template examples to appear through. In addition to that, check out our own example artists page for more ideas. Then obtain designing, so that you can get back to performing!