Zedd and Katy Perry Release New Track


Zedd and Katy Perry just released a brand new track together called “ 365” which is available all over the place you stream or perform music nowadays. The set also released an associated video which you can watch beneath.

Here’s what the video is all about:

Directed simply by Warren Fu (The Weeknd, Daft Punk) and considered by Katy, it requires the question: could an AI learn to love? The video shows the poignant story of the android Katy Perry, who else yearns to be human, since she attempts to make a legitimate connection with Zedd.

The press release stated the two met on trip in Australia and started focusing on the track since all those dates, so not sure in case we’ ll see a lot more come out of this but it’ t definitely got a chance to become a new dance floor banger designed for 2019.