Be Envious of Cody Heims: The Rapper With A Heart


It remains undeniable that the best things in life are always those that come from the heart. When a person pours their heart and soul into the things they do, it truly resonates with others. For Envious, this love and passion are harnessed into music, and the results proved to be something quite special.

Cody Heims, more popularly known as Envious, is an actor and up-and-coming rapper based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. He recently released two singles, “Nightmares” and “Dreamin”, and will soon release his new songs “Anxiety” and “Dear Mama” on major music streaming platforms.

Currently, Envious is at the studio working on an 8-track album, titled “Pieces of Myself”, aptly titled so as it outlines various aspects of his personality. The singles “Nightmares” and “Dreamin” are the first two tracks in the album, which he describes as “yin and yang”, with the former talking about being trapped in a nightmare, and the latter referencing this nightmare. Envious makes sure that all the music he releases stays true to his personality, as he injects his heart and soul into the lyrics and melody of his songs. Some of the rappers that he takes inspiration from include Eminem, NF, Machine Gun Kelly, Logic, who he listened to when he was young.

The 27-year old Cody Heims chose to take on the rap name Envious as people keep envying for his defining trait: his positivity. Envious tries to live his best life by staying true to three of his biggest values: embrace your passion, live life in song, and be inspired by everything.

Cody Heims also believes that his positivity comes from the love and support of the people around him. The self-proclaimed mama’s boy declares that one of his biggest supporters is his mom, and calls her his #1 fan. He also gets support from his siblings, which include his older brother Christian, and his identical twin, Corey, who is a dabbler in rap like him.

When asked what makes him stand out from other rappers, he says, “I’m very persistent, I won’t stop until I get to where I want to be or what I want. I learn how to do things very quickly and apply them at an exceptional level. I’m very humble and respect any artist out there grinding.”

Aside from his music, Cody Heims also dabbles in acting, having appeared in the short films Phases of Mahina and P.W.N.A.G.E: People with No Actual Girl Experience. He has also tried out for The X Factor Season 3 and was able to pass through the first round of auditions.

While there are a lot of talented rappers out there, not everyone has the same heart and passion for their craft that Cody Heims has. True to his name, people have always looked up to Envious because of his talent and determination, and soon enough, the world is going to be watching him as well.

To know more about Envious, you can send him an email at, check out his website, or follow him at his social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His music is also available to stream on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.