Christian Rapper ‘’MrBigFaith’’ Taking Over So-Cals Rap Game!


For some people, taking the long and arduous journey to success is for fulfillment and bettering one’s self. Does one do it for money? Or perhaps one goes through challenges for fame. After all, being successful in life is everyone’s dream. But for independent Christian rap artist Michael Brown, also known as MrBigFaith,  success is a journey that connects him to a much bigger purpose. 

Whether it concerns his music or his clothing brand, Michael D’ Angelo Brown dedicates his actions to God. After a near-death experience, Brown had an epiphany which made him rethink the way he was living his life. Seeing that it wasn’t worthwhile, he left his old ways of thinking and surrendered to God. There and then, Brown knew what God’s calling meant and his life started to finally take a much more meaningful shape. 

But Brown did not have this particular kind of dedication overnight. The change came difficult for him. He was a notorious gang banger and was used to carrying out his actions with violence. When Big Faith got a prophetic word revelation in 2017, he left his lifestyle behind. He started fresh in life. Brown dedicated his life to Music Ministry. Since then, MrBigFaith has been roaming the streets for a different reason: to serve God through music. 

Although, after his life-changing decision, Big Faith still faced trials and tribulations. The Christian life is not free of worries, after all. But Brown dealt with his problems with more peace, knowing that his God is in control. These challenges have not shaken his faith. They further strengthened his trust in God. 

After his remarkable change, Mr. Brown was named MrBigFaith. His community saw the changes in him. Since then, he has been making an effort to lead a life of example for others.

His new life focuses on his dedication to using his gifts to glorify God and reach people through his clothing line and his music. Brown is not limiting his opportunities to reach people only through traditional means. To him, music is merely a vessel through which God can use him to touch other people’s hearts and bring them closer to his Yahweh.

Michael Brown has explored other genres of music apart from the traditional forms in church. He has spent time in Christian hip-hop music, where he hopes to engage the younger generations. Recently, MrBigFaith has produced two Christian rap EP’s. One called Big Faith, and the other called Shift. Both EPs are available on all music platforms. @MrBigFaith

The very name of his clothing brand based in Los Angeles, All Praise Be To God, serves as a testament of how the word of God turned his life around. What separates Brown from the rest is that his work is, unparalleled in approach. Not only does he touch people through his art, but he reaches them through a more real and spiritual level. 

Michael sees his second chance at life as a blessing, so he blesses other people through sharing the Word of God and continually giving back to the community. He has served with Hope on Skid Row on 5th and Crocker, Los Angeles on Sundays where they give out clothes, food, and share the Gospel to homeless people.

Michael recently dropped 2 EPs (Availible On All Platforms). One called ‘Big Faith’ And one Called ‘Shift’. These Projects speak to Michaels thoughts on the world in relation to christianity with an awesome approach. 

Michael stands for Christ, not just music. To him, his achievements are made possible not through his works but only through the grace of God. All Praise Be To God!

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