Corey Parks Delivers Solid Rap Music that Helps Change Lives for the Better

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After his experience with drugs, gangs, and violence, Corey Parks is on a mission to improve his life and the life of others. He hopes to achieve this with the power of rap music.

Parks was born in New York City. He attended Park West High School in Manhattan. At a very young age, he already experienced difficulties with keeping his act clean. Drug dealing, gangs, and violence soon became a way of life for him. He began committing crimes at the age of 12 and ended up in prison at the age of 16.

In the 15 years that Corey spent as an inmate, he also saw over 15 prisons. Dealing with all the uncertainty was especially difficult for him during this period in his life. Until now, he would still break down when he shares that, “Prison was a major challenge.” However, it was also in these difficult circumstances where he had the epiphany to make necessary changes in his life for the better.

After being released from prison, Parks started Success Is a Journey, Inc. This charity organization focuses on helping past inmates adjust to living life in the outside world once again. Parks knows firsthand what a struggle it can be for people to re-enter and navigate civilian life. He hopes to serve as a guide for past inmates through this challenging transition.

The efforts of this organization include conducting speaking engagements in schools on topics like violence, education, and decision-making. It has also provided avenues to discuss issues on overcoming adversities, substance abuse in urban communities, and personal growth and development.

Among the many lessons that he learned in prison, Parks realized the importance of believing in oneself in order to be successful. Building dreams is a skill that he has learned and taught others. He also learned the importance of finding out what he is good at. This was how he realized that writing and making music was the path that he should take to effect positive change.

Corey’s songwriting reflects the life he once lived in contrast to the life he is now living. Because of the wide range of the content of his songs, people of all ages from all walks of life can relate. This includes the local drug dealer, gang member, and retired thug. Reaching out to these individuals, his music is inclusive and is what the rap scene has been missing.

Most recently, Corey started the New York City Rap Star Mixtape project. DJ Immortal of Outlaw Radio hosts the mixtape. This project continues on Parks’ commitment to deliver quality content through music and creative talent. The content is based on reality mixed with unique storylines. This separates them from the competition and allows them to deliver the best product. It intends to give viewers a better perspective of the hard life that some people live in their respective communities. 

The New York City Rap Star Mixtape is currently streaming online and is free for download on major music platforms. 

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