From The Freshman Class To Prom King Arthur: Alec Arthur Is About To Be Crowned Hip-Hop’s Newest Asset

"Never let nobody get too close to me" Alec Arthur (2020)

If you haven’t heard of Alec Arthur, you are about to.  A new young artist who strives to be a breath of fresh air in the flooded market of the hip-hop scene, and with his latest release, “Came 2 Ball”, he is exactly that. Whether it be his catchy hooks, high-energy, or the way he floats between the 808’s, this 16-year-old artist brings something to the table for everybody. On “Came 2 Ball”, the Kentucky-based artist vigorously raps, “I invested in myself and it paid off.”, informing the listener that he’s no rookie to making music. His earliest release can be dated back to May of 2018, releasing to the world his debut into rap music through SoundCloud. The young artist even claims that he recorded his first couple of songs (Ex: “VISION.”, “Chasing My Dreams!”, “Take Me Serious”) on his phone using a pair of Apple headphones as his recording microphone. He gained his first bit of attention through the release of his song “Hologram”, which went on to become one of his biggest songs to date, gaining a combined total of 150,000+ streams across all music platforms. After gaining his first bit of newfound success, he moved over to “mainstream” platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. Since then, Alec has experimented with different sounds and blending genres of music. This kid is on the rise and a quick one at that. While appealing to the young trap crowd, his lyrics are grown and grabbing the attention of labels quickly. The young King is set to sign his first major deal later this year. Crown up Alec Arthur.