A Shining Success from Small-Town Kansas, Piper Landon Is a Pop Star on the Rise

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Piper Landon is a multi-talented singer, performer, influencer, and blogger, who grew up in a small Kansas town. She is the daughter of an inspirational top-ten recording artist, which made her grow to love music all the more.

She had her first record deal at the age of 15 and went on to star as cKenzi on the sitcom iShine Knect. Since then, she has also had many features on a variety of TV shows, movies, podcasts, and blogs. Piper has also performed throughout the United States, Canada, and Africa, making her a globally recognized musical artist in her own right.

Piper has been such an incredible breath of fresh air. A pop singer and influencer from Kansas seems like such an astounding achievement, not to mention that Piper has even managed to make it her entire career, which is pretty wild to think about. Living in the middle of nowhere while amassing hundreds of thousands of adoring fans has definitely been a highlight in her fascinating career.

With the recent release of her brand new single Tippy on the Patio, Piper has moved away from the Disney-like Pop music that she’s been known for. This brand new single feels more like Piper coming into terms with herself and blossoming into the beautiful adult that she is today.

Piper has always identified her songs as sad songs for sad people. She writes all her songs herself after all, and with every song, she writes, she makes sure to impart a piece of her in every line. With that being said, on the surface, Tippy on the Patio may seem like a regular party bop, but it has underlying elements of sensuality and broken-heartedness, which has become Piper’s signature style throughout her music career.

Piper loves what she does, and it fully shows through her music and lyrics. She sees herself more as a lyricist first and an artist second, fans of her work should always be on the lookout for what the lyrics to her songs say as each song is an honest interpretation of herself. Understanding Piper’s songs also means understanding who she is as a person. It is a clear window into her unique personality.

Piper Landon hopes that her story will inspire other people to reach for their dreams. Her story is a simple reminder that even in the middle of a small town in Kansas, big dreams can happen. It might take a lot of work and a lot of effort but reaching out for one’s dreams will always entail putting in the work.

She wants to remind people that trivial matters such as your current location shouldn’t stop anyone from wanting to achieve their dreams. Things such as age shouldn’t matter as well, as anything can happen as long as one puts their mind into it. Piper Landon is a shining example.

To know more about Piper Landon and all of her work, visit her official website. Audiences can also listen to her music on Spotify.