Hot Debut: Blonde Sherese Sings About Her Struggle to the Top with Single “Why I Do”

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Blonde Sherese has just recently debuted, dropping her single “Why I Do (featuring June B)” last July 3, 2020. The 51-year-old African American singer-songwriter has been writing since she was nine years old. Her debut song brings a fresh new sound to the table and talks about how hard the artist has worked before finally being able to release her single.

Camellia Sherese Wood, or Blonde Sherese, was born in the state of Illinois. She grew up in a variety of income level households, from the farms of Michigan to the streets and churches of Ohio and Illinois. As a child, Sherese lived in multiple foster homes with her parents, separately, and relatives. 

She got married at 19 and, after a long struggle with herself, tried to end her life at 29 years old. Within a year of that, at the age of 30, Blonde Sherese ended her marriage. Alone with her four children, Sherese felt conflicted and had to make what she describes as the hardest choice in her life. She allowed her children to live with their father in Pennsylvania. 

In a time of hurt and confusion, Sherese found solace in the church. Having been introduced to the bible and the institution at the tender age of five, Sherese was able to connect with the church authorities. At 45, she serviced the church in the offices of lay minister, minister of praise or liturgical dance, assistant superintendent of the Sunday school department, certified community service chaplain, and women’s ministry leader. She also worked in community outreach, as choir director, and in various committees and groups.

During that period in her life, Sherese was part of the working class homeless despite holding jobs as Medical Assistant, Research Project Manager, Regional Billing Specialist, Chiropractic Assistant, and Clinical Research Coordinator. Hard at work trying to keep her finances afloat and sharpening her writing craft, Sherese was taken unaware when, at forty-seven, she was diagnosed with Stage 3A Breast Cancer. It was her battle with cancer that changed her life.

“Breast cancer reminded me, I have gifts and dreams that I’ve yet to pursue,” Sherese reveals. Having gone through more than her fair share of pitfalls, hurts, disappointments, and struggles, Sherese has learned that a positive and persistent attitude in confronting issues and overcoming hurdles is what results in an abundant life. 

Aside from working on her music, Sherese spends her time performing stand up comedy. She is also proficient in several musical instruments, including the flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, and the piano.

Now at fifty-one, Sherese walks on the footprints of her creator. In 2019, she founded The Dimple Foundation. The non-profit organization provides services and products for people actively going through chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer. Through her music, she hopes to inspire people to follow their dreams and tell them that no matter what anyone says, they are enough and worthy. “I want them to be inspired by my story and walk away feeling if she can do, say and feel; I can too!” she remarks. 

Sherese’s debut single, “Why I Do,” which features the talent of June B, is available for listening on YouTube. For more information on Blonde Sherese and her music, visit the official website.