Upcoming Artist Traviee is Shaking Things Up in Global Rap Landscape

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The music industry is getting denser every day. Many artists strive to be heard by building their sound. Each of the musical talents does their best to create an impact in the business in hopes of separating themselves from the other hopefuls who share the same dream. Among the upcoming rap artists today is Traviee. Although he is new in the industry, he has already made waves with his unique tracks and inspiring message.

Traviee is an American rapper, singer, and record producer known for his authentic taste in music. His tracks are well-blended with a combination of rap, hip-hop, R & B, and gospel. Through his music, Traviee delivers profound messages in hopes to uplift those who are struggling with negativity in their lives. Music has a unique ability to comfort souls, and Traviee is making the most out of the art form to strengthen others and bring them closer to God spiritually. 

The rapper was born as Travis MacAuthur Sailor to a musically-inclined family in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Traviee grew up with music. It was one of the things that remained constant in their home. And so, his passion for music began at a very young age, under the influence of his parents. They were Traviee’s most significant support system and encouraged him to better his craft in music. 

His mother was Martha Sailor, who, at an early age, discovered her talent and passion for music. She wrote songs that carried important messages. She dreamed of working and writing songs for many legendary music icons like Michael Jackson and many more. Later on, she would use her talents, serving God as a great member of their church’s choir.

Traviee’s father, on the other hand, was Craig Sailor, another passionate musician. He was the bass guitar player for the New Frontier Gospel Band in Memphis, Tennessee, in 2004. Indeed, musical talents ran in their family. Traviee was blessed to have such parents who would expose him to the joy of being used by God through music. Today, Traviee combines his unique flow in rapping with serving God. He knew that it is the music his parents wanted him to pursue. 

Traviee recently released his first album on the 12th of April this year. Many listeners were stunned by his musical talents when they come across his songs on major streaming platforms. Among Traviee’s music avenues were Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, and many more. His confidence shows through in his music video. It was apparent that Traviee wanted to let the world know who he is as an artist and what he can do. He wanted to leave a mark in the heats of his listeners, and he succeeded. 

Among his amazing songs is “Heart of A Gemini.” It boasts over 20,000 views on his YouTube channel today. Many were impressed at his distinct flow and delivery. His audiences were awestruck at how Traviee crafted a song with a profound message and paired it with his contemporary edge. The rapper included his journey and snippets of his faith into the track. 

Traviee envisions himself to be an international artist, selling out arenas and inspiring people with his music. The music industry better keep an eye of this talented rapper because, soon, he will dominate the global rap landscape. 

Listen to Traviee’s music on his YouTube channel.